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WordPress – The Blogging Platform of Choice for Millions

WordPress is arguably the most popular CMS (content management system) online. While the title of ‘most popular blogging platform’ would probably be bagged by, it is WordPress that powers millions of sites across the globe. As a free, open source CMS with a very strong community of independent developers, it is easy to see why WordPress commands such popularity.
For starters, WordPress is effortlessly easy to install. Most hosting companies offer a direct installation service through Fantastico (look for the blue icon in your cPanel provided by the host), you can also install it manually through the now famous “5 minute installation”. All you need to do is upload a few files through a FTP client, make a few changes to your mySQL database and you’re all ready to go. These technical terms may sound daunting, but they are really not. An FTP program is simply a piece of software used to transfer files to your host. Think of it as Windows Explorer for your host. mySQL, on the other hand, is the database software that runs a majority of sites on the internet. Making changes to it is as easy as copying and pasting.
The other reason for the popularity of WordPress is its large support base. Because it is a free and open source software, you can find help from millions of developers, programmers, and enthusiasts across the world. Queries at the popular support forum at WordPress usually get answered within minutes. Whatever issues you may run into with WordPress, you know it will be solved within hours, if not minutes.
Lastly, WordPress has thousands of themes (both free and paid) to choose from, and a plethora of plugins that can extend the functionality of your blog by leaps and bounds. Whatever you want your website to do, you can be sure that WordPress will be able to pull it off through various plugins.
So if you are still unsure what blogging platform to choose, you know you can’t go wrong with WordPress!

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