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WordPress plugins – SEO

WordPress plugins – SEO

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GA_googleAddAttr(“Category”, “Internet”);

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var _gaq = _gaq || [];
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WordPress plugins – SEO

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WordPress plugins – SEO

By: Guy Lavigne

About the Author

To know more about how to use plugins, visit Internet Home Success. To learn how to have your blog ranking #1 in search engines, get this unbeatable blog course.

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Article Source: plugins – SEO


if( ! $.cookie(“screen_name”)){$(‘#banner_signup_wide’).css(‘display’, ‘block’);}

The advantages using WordPress blog software, are the plug ins you can use to increase your Internet visibility. For you to use, there are hundreds of plug ins for almost all purposes. A category that is very interesting is the Search Engines Optimization plug ins.

If you log in your WP admin area and go to plug ins and select ‘add new’ type SEO and click the search button. You will see hundreds of possibilities. For the blog optimization, the best know are SEO Platinum, All In One SEO , Greg’s High Performance SEO or Simple SEO.

It is important that you install one of these plug ins. With WP blogs, you can’t go in the and change keywords or add keywords. Using these plug ins will help you with your search engines communication.

How do they work?

After adding one of your choice, usually you will find a link in or below ‘settings’. Click the link to get into the option page. There you will be able to add ‘Home Title’, Home Description’ and ‘Home Keywords’.

You can control ‘canonical URLs’, the use of tags for keywords, the use of ‘noindex’, etc. You can also exclude pages, Additional Post Headers, Additional Page Headers, Additional Home Headers. It gives you perfect control of what you want to do.

The most important reason to use these plugins is to tell search engines what you are interested in. If you are in the lose weight business, you want search engines to identify your title as a ‘lose weight title’ or a ‘related lose weight title’.

Your description must reflect what your title says and what visitors will find on your blog. You can use your SEO plugin to add post headers, this will tell search engines that these words are important to be indexed.

SEO plugins (most of them) enable you to add title, description and keywords just under the new post or the new page.

These plugins are especially made to create your blog as friendly as possible with search engines, including Google, of course. They have been created with the understanding of what search engines are asking to give your blog a higher ranking.

You must understand that installing SEO plugins is not a guarantee of top 5 ranking or #1 position in search engines, but without them you might not be able to reach these ranking at all. Put all chances on your side.

Also, do not forget to install XML Sitemap, Broken link checker, statpress to name just a few important plugins to install.

About the Author:
To know more about how to use plugins, visit Internet Home Success. To learn how to have your blog ranking #1 in search engines, get this unbeatable blog course.
Article Source

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