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Why People Fail at Internet Marketing and How to Make Sure You Dont

There is a new way of doing business and you dont even have to leave the comforts of your home to go about it. They call it internet marketing. True enough, a lot of people have started and succeeded in their own internet marketing businesses, making this a very attractive option for those who want to try it on their own. But is it fool-proof?

Despite the increasing number of successful internet marketers, it is sad to note that those who fail in internet marketing outnumber the former. While internet marketing is undeniably one of the most profitable businesses today, your success is not guaranteed, Unless of course you know what makes other people fail and you are able to avoid the same pitfalls.

You may have heard of people making thousands of dollars on the Internet, but you may have also been discouraged by people who have failed in internet marketing. But dont get discouraged just yet because there are ways to ensure your success in internet marketing.

Always be critical

Take a look at those who have failed in internet marketing and you will see a common pattern. These are people who believed in hype and easy money-making schemes. Just like any other business, internet marketing is a legitimate business and you will not be able to make millions in just one day. You should always be critical about the opportunities you encounter online to avoid failure and discouragement. You also have to be very discerning and cautious when it comes to internet marketing opportunities.


Know the game

If you want to succeed in internet marketing then you have to know what you are getting into. Even before you release a single dollar to make huge profits, make sure you already know the ins and outs of internet marketing. There are lots of articles about internet marketing and you only need to surf the Web to get the information you need to start and survive in the business.

Create a business plan

You need to have a game plan or a business plan whether you are into the brick and mortar or internet marketing business. This plan will allow you to identify your business goals, the steps you need to undertake to achieve these goals and the milestones you have achieved so far. The secret to make things happen is to put them in paper. Do this and review your business plan frequently. This is your map to your internet marketing business.

Choose a unique niche

Marketers usually tend to flock where the iron is hot. But if you want to lead the pack then opt for a unique niche which will sell. You can also go for a popular niche but make sure you introduce something new that is not yet being offered by your competitors. The bottom line is to find a profitable niche, build a website, drive traffic and increase your conversion rate.


Patience is not only a virtue but it is also an important characteristic of every successful entrepreneur. Just like the predator that stays still and watches before he catches his prey, an internet market should also start small and build his business day by day until he is able to make the kill. If you think that internet marketing is a way for you to get rich easily then you are in for a disappointment.

Internet marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme but if you know what you are getting into, then you can increase your chance of success. But more than anything else you need a hundred percent commitment if you want to be the next internet marketing success story.
Ted Holcomb has been in the marketing business for over 40 years. His experience includes broadcasting, publishing and the banking business. Currently his focus is on consumer data for effective communication with customers/potential customers.
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