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Why Link Build For Seo

Link Building is without a doubt one of the most important factors when optimising any website and is a subject that has been covered in countless articles. This article gives one persons opinion on how to obtain top quality links.


Link building is important as each link that points to your site is like a thumbs up from the other site saying your site is a good resource. Basically the more thumbs up you get the higher your website will rank.

Back in the day before search evolved into the clever little beast it is today, it really was as simple as that, and those black hatters out there went away and obtained links from everywhere under the sun in a bid to obtain high rankings for their own sites and clients sites. They didn’t care where the links came from and it became a big battle as to who could obtain the most links. This couldn’t continue so Google introduced the PageRank Algorithm which made link building more of a skill, and gave more weight to links that were actually relevant to the websites they were pointing to.

Although some people still argue that quantity still outweighs quality, Google still claims that it doesn’t so I will keep this article in line with Googles thoughts and save the other argument for later.. Getting back to it, it’s important to obtain relevant links to your website in order to gain higher page rank which will in turn raise your rankings. This is why it’s important to link build, as without lots of top quality and relevant links pointing to your website, you may as well give up unless your website is extremely niche that is, and by extremely niche im talking about a website that is about pink and gold spotty dogs with only one leg, for example.


There are many different types of links out there and I have listed a few of them below. I One Way Links – Links that point to you but you dont link back Reciprocal Links – Links whereby somebody links to you and you link back to them Social Bookmarking Links – Links obtained through social media Article/Press Release – One way links obtained through articles and press releases Link Baiting – Links obtained through offering something useful to the end user

Link Building is without doubt a skill that any SEO must be good at, as it’s extremely difficult. It requires a lot of patience and a lot of relationship skills. It isn’t something that is going to go away

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