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Why is Keyword Research Important to Organic SEO?

Why is Keyword Research Important to Organic SEO?

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Why is Keyword Research Important to Organic SEO?

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Posted: Dec 08, 2010 |Comments: 0


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Why is Keyword Research Important to Organic SEO?

By: John Barrow

About the Author

John Barrow is a specialist in organic SEO services online. He has also a keen eye on affordable SEO packages & internet marketing strategies.

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Article Source: is Keyword Research Important to Organic SEO?


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There has been a surge of Internet marketing mavericks and service providers on the web, and the business category, as such, has become one of the busiest of late. However, Organic SEO is not something that every other online marketer can master in a short span of time, and nor is it a strategy that can be used without apt expertise to bring the promised results.

And one of the most basic follies of the amateur search engine optimization agencies is the fact that they often pass up on the easiest of SEO techniques – which become an albatross around their neck down the line. Keyword research is one of the prime examples of the same. A lot of SEO service providers do not pay enough attention to this basic adage – and the results hence fall far from the SERP peaks they had promised to help their clients climb.  

This is the basic difference where even the most affordable of SEO packages can get you results, whereas even the most high-priced of SEO packages can be impotent.

Here are some reasons why keyword research is important for an organic SEO campaign to bear fruit –

•    Helps Identify Competition – A popular saying in the business circuit is that if you do not know your competition like the back of your hand, you are not going up. Thorough keyword research helps identify direct competition and thus the pros and cons of their organic SEO campaigns as well.

•    Get Quality Targeted Traffic Inflow – Quality targeted traffic is only achievable when you have got the right niche consumer base’s attention. And this is only possible when you are visible on the SERPs for the right keywords – to the right people!

•    Better, Faster Results – SERP rankings as well as other search engine optimization goals can be attained in a faster and much more flawless manner when supplemented by proper keyword research. In fact, with the right keywords targeted, you can actually survey the competition and defeat even the staunchest of rivals – albeit with the cheapest of SEO packages in hand.

•    Tracking Progress – If you have not bothered with keyword research at all, tracking the progress of your Organic SEO campaign will not only be difficult, it will be downright impossible. In fact, you need to have the right amount of keyword research put in as an effort to help track progress of the search engine optimization campaign. Failing this, not only will the affordable SEO packages’ purpose fall apart, there would not be a yardstick to measure where you stand post-SEO online.

So you see, if you are a professional search engine optimization agency, you will have your hands full with problems if you have not kept your keyword research up-to-date and razor sharp from the initiation of the Organic SEO campaign.

Otherwise, the clients might not find the affordable SEO packages you provide, affordable enough – especially from the perspective of results delivered & ROI!

About the Author:
John Barrow is a specialist in organic SEO services online. He has also a keen eye on affordable SEO packages & internet marketing strategies.
Article Source

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