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What is Internet Marketing or Online Marketing?

Internet marketing (also known as online marketing) is exactly as it sounds, a way to market your products or services on the internet. Many make the mistake of believing that all it takes to be considered an internet marketer is to have a  live website . That is far from the truth. There are millions of websites added online every day. What makes a website adequately compete in internet marketing goes far beyond registering a domain name and uploading content. It takes skillful strategy and an evolving knowledge of the internet marketing industry.

In order for your business to really thrive, there must be an internet marketing campaign in place. The internet is extremely competitive but it is worth it to find your place amongst the competition. The possibilities for your business when it is successful marketed on the internet are limitless. With this platform, your company is given the opportunity to reach a clientele far beyond the bounds of your business physical location. The internet allows for your business to be accessed around the world.

Internet marketing uses two primary avenues, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), with other avenues of internet marketing being developed every day.

With SEO, organic methods are used to improve the visibility of your website or web pages in search engine page results. SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for and the search terms used when conducting a search. To adequately optimize a site there may be site content editing that needs to take place. Tailoring content may increase the relevance of the content on your page to the keywords that are being searched. Also, adding backlinks, which are incoming links to your website or web page from outside sources, are an essential factor for successfully marketing your site on the internet.
SEM is also a form of internet marketing. With SEM paid measures such as pay-per-click, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion are used to promote site visibility in search engine results. SEM means the marketing of a site so that advertisements are more relevant in searches and rankings.
Affiliate marketing is another branch of internet marketing that is the practice in which a business offers affiliates rewards for each visitor brought to their site by the affiliates marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing is often overlooked but is a useful internet marketing strategy that, if implemented correctly, can prove to produce a rewarding return.
Social media marketing is an internet marketing strategy that has recently gained popularity. This is the process of marketing through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Since more and more people are spending countless hours on social media forums it is likely that this facet of internet marketing to gain popularity.

All these attributes are taken into consideration when determining a viable internet marketing strategy. Many rely on professionals to utilize the available methods as these professionals have a knowledge of exactly how these methods operate and ways to better utilize the strategies to suit your company needs.

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