The Silent Salesman how I promote my website

Anybody Want Website Traffic For FREE?

There will not be many website owners who will not say YES PLEASE to free website traffic.

But it’s not as obvious an answer as you might initially think.  Lets put it another way:-

What would you rather have

1,000 visitors/day to your website from random origin/interest/age


10 highly targeted visitors/day who have just been searching for your keyword phrase

I know I would rather take the latter.

Now this is what it is all about. If you can optimise your website/blog so that it appears in the search engine results for your given keyword phrase  then you will get a proportion of the search traffic (assuming that your site ranks high enough).

But the beauty is that once you start to get traffic directly from search you will continue to get it for FREE for only a small amount of additional effort.

This is what the Silent Salesman is all about.  Your Silent Salesman can sit in the background drawing in traffic from the search engines (for FREE).

Why not Wake Your Silent Salesman NOW

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