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Using widgets for off-page SEO

You may have noticed that there are an awful lot of badges floating around the internet. It’s been the ‘done thing’ for a long time in certain online communities to declare affiliations through badges. Today, you can get a badge for just about anything. Badges are cute, informative, and are a great demonstration of how widgets can work to help a site’s off page optimisation.

Badges are just one form of widget. There are hundreds of other forms you can choose, and they are a very attractive option for your off-page SEO, as long as you follow Google’s widget rules.

A lot of site owners have jumped on board the widget bandwagon because widgets can be a great way to create inbound links. If the widget you distribute contains a link back to your site, you’re setting up a system through which links create themselves. Forget having to work to obtain every little link in your profile: an attractive piece of code can get you links by the hundreds. You’re essentially creating a links gold mine.

Widgets are attractive because they work in two ways. They can seed links for you, which can be great as long as the widget is in your topic area. They can also work as a marketing tactic, attracting people to your site and encouraging them to spread your brand. Here is a word of caution, though – if you’re considering a widget as part of your search engine optimisation plan, it is a good idea to research Google’s widget rules first.

As always, Google isn’t terribly clear, but widget rules aren’t really that different to Google’s usual line on content and links. Basically, stay in your topic area and create quality widgets if you don’t want a spam penalty. Talk to our experts at SEO Consult about widget spam.

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