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Understanding and Implementing Sound SEO Principles

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often talked about as if it is understood completely. The trouble is there are some who are just being introduced to online marketing that have very little idea what SEO is and why it is important. The discussion surrounding SEO can sound a bit like a foreign language to them.

In order not to appear foolish they will readily agree that SEO is important, but often have no idea why. They often aren’t even sure what SEO is or does for their Internet marketing efforts.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to enhance your placement in search engine rankings. This is done through strategic identification of key words and phrases that you use consistently throughout your site and content.

Why Is SEO Important?

Search engines rank websites by words and phrases discovered on each individual site. If the website in question sells fishing supplies, but doesn’t actually use the term consistently it will not rank well for that term. On the other hand if the site owner stuffs those keywords into their content in unnatural places or through unethical practices this can harm rankings. If you can blend a 2-3% use of keywords or phrases with a natural flow in your content you will find it is pleasing to both search engines as well as the consumers who use your site.

Are There Long-Term Benefits?

Yes. With most advertising you need to keep making marketing purchases to enable a long-term benefit. Once one ad campaign ends you need to pay to initiate another. On the web this entails the purchase of banner ads or an ongoing commitment to various PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising programs. With SEO you simply allow you actual content to enable better rankings for those who use search engines to find products and information. The reason this is valuable is that when your work is fully indexed and your site is ranked well it is very likely that you will receive more site visitors through a free search engine than through other online advertising techniques. Most consumers use a search engine to find what they are most interested in.

You will find free online tools (by using your search engine) that will allow you to identify a keyword or phrase that may result in either higher rankings or better searches. Other tools can allow you to test your site to see how well you have infused those terms in your site.

Why Is Content Valuable To A Website?

Content will serve two valuable purposes in your marketing plan. First it appeals to the search engines for higher rankings, but more importantly it reaches out to your potential consumer. By providing knowledge-based content your site user may come to view you as a worthwhile resource for information. Simply put, the more they can find out about your product or service the more likely it becomes that they will make a purchase.

Some sites only view their online store as a marketplace of merchandise and not a place for articles. However, those who add information often see that it encourages a greater amount of time spent using the site by visitors, which translates to a more impressive conversion rate from visitor to customer.

Using SEO techniques is a low to no-cost method of advertising your site. It provides a long-term solution to keeping your site visible in an online world of millions.

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