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Two Approaches To Network Or Internet Marketing

In Old School Marketing, you’re taught to build your upline or business with what is called your Warm Market. This Warm Market Technique consists of making a list of people you know. This list is a compilation of your family, friends and acquaintances. Using this list to contact them in regards to your business or product basically summarizes your Warm Market approach. Now, what that also entails are several methods used to try to get the attention of your prospects. These can include hosting home gatherings, handing out literature or other pertinent information ¬†and simply calling them on the telephone to present your offer. Your intent is to generate leads or in other words, find people who are interested in what you have to offer.

In New School Marketing, you’re intentions are the same, however, the action steps taken to achieve this end result are very different. Here, technology is used by implementing certain systems on a daily basis. In this business, this is referred to as Marketing Your Business or Leveraging The Internet. What this entails is learning the hands on techniques which can drive traffic to you and deliver interested people to your offer.

Whether you decide to use a Warm Market approach or a newer technological one, both have their advantages and their disadvantages.

With a Warm Market approach, time can be a factor that lies in your disadvantage. Also, contacting family, friends and acquaintances may not always bring you true answers you seek as trying to offer a product or business opportunity to folks who are close to you can be risky regarding your relationships. If you succeed with your Warm Market, of course, that would be a plus, however, what does one do when that opportunity runs out?

With newer technology, time can be both an advantage and disadvantage. Although, it is time consuming to learn these systems and to put them in place, Marketers believe it is well worth it in the long run. As long as you are or learn to become a little computer savvy Network or Internet Marketers today believe that these techniques can bring your business to explosive heights.

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