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Top Ranking Blogs – Basic SEO Strategies That Work

Many think that getting sites to rank well on Google is some black art. But time and time again you can get sites to rank well just by applying some trusted SEO rules.

The main reason that people fail to get their sites to rank are:-

  • Poor keyword selection – going after impossible/highly competitive phrases on day one.
  • Inconsistent effort – you must keep at it and believe that what you are doing will work given time
  • Incomplete effort – you must consider both on-page and off page SEO/P  factors for consistent results.

We all hear about these new techniques for getting quick high rankings on Google. Sure some work and it is well worth implementing these methods alongside your existing strategies.

I like to look for domain names that match high traffic key phrases as these have proven to work well in recent years. You still have to use SEO/P to get the traffic but you start from a higher basic ranking.

Sites like these rank well from almost day one!

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