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Top 3 Website Promotion Methods

Website promotion is the most important thing you can do for your website. It is even more important than the style and the appearance of your site because if no one knows your website exists, does it really matter how good it looks? While there are a number of different methods to use when you promote your website there are some that are going to work better than others and knowing which ones are the best will save you time and trouble.

While there is again many different options that you can go with when promoting your website there are three in particular that have proven over the years to be the best of the best when it comes to website promotion. Here are the top three website promotion methods:

1. Search Engine Optimization -SEO-: The best way to get recognition for your website is to have it picked up by all the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Ping. In order to have the search engines take notice of your site you have to be sure that your site is built using proper SEO techniques. This includes using Meta tags, title tags, keywords, having proper keyword density, and much more. The biggest thing with using SEO techniques is to be sure that everything that is in your site is relevant to the site as a whole. In other words, if your website is one that sells mobile phones, don’t have content in there that is about cat food. Search engines love relevancy and if you go against their rules you will be penalized.

2. Pay Per Click -PPC-: One of the fastest ways to get some much needed traffic to your website is by utilizing as method called PPC campaigns. PPC campaigns are just what they sound like; every time someone clicks onto your site from the PPC link you have to pay a fee. Google’s version is called AdWords and once you select the words you want to use your website link will come up in the sponsor section of the front page when someone types in that word for a search. You provide the ad copy and if well written, you will certainly see an increase of web traffic.

3. Blogging: There are many free blogging services that you can use to help to promote your website. Once you set these blogs up you can then blog about anything that relates to your website. So if you have a website about dogs, then you can blog about the new dog food that is coming out. Somewhere in the blog you will have a link to your website and this will give the reader a chance to click on it to find out more information.

Once more, there are numerous ways to go about promoting your website but the methods here are simply the most successful. By utilizing all three and staying at it, you will eventually have all the web traffic you want and then some. Just be sure that your site is up to par when all the extra visitors come knocking.

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