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The Secrets Seo Copywriters Do Not Want You To Know

Writing for the web has changed over the last few years. The days of stuffing keywords all through your copy regardless of whether it made sense or not have gone.

Today top seo copywriters know that they not only have to attract the search engines but they also have to hold their readers attention.

If you write content purely for the search engines, thinking that the more times you include keywords in your webpage the more highly ranked your site will be ranked you are going to disappointed.

Google is looking for good content that is relative to your keywords and headline. The basic idea of including the keyword phrase in both the title and the meta tags still applies, but what most people do not understand is that the content is still king.

By that I mean it has to be original, valuable information that the searchers are looking for and it has to be written for your reader not the search engines.

If a searcher types in a keyword or phrase it means they are looking for content that is going to provide them with information and answers relative to that keyword. Visitors who like your site and find the content interesting are the ones who are going to link back to your site. Those natural links are the gold you are looking for.

If you want to get your site ranked in the search engines, the best way is with good natural links to your sites. The search engines reward these sites and the reason for this is because you need good content for your visitors to want to link back to your site.

Copywriting for the web means you have to create both the good original content to get the links and the ranking to get the visitors, it all works together.

Google is getting more advanced all the time, and they have clearly stated that they want the visitors experience to your site to be a good one; otherwise they are not going to help you get visitors (low ranking).

When you are writing a sales page as you go through the different stages in a sales page you also have to include your keywords making sure they are part of your content and that they make sense to your reader.

All good SEO copywriters understand that what they say their site is about (headline with keyword or phrase) is in fact what it is about. It sounds complicated but it is not.

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