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The Best Spinners for Your Articles

Article marketing is more effective than ever. Mostly due to spam. Both blog owners and the search engines have declared a war on spam. To put it briefly, no one wants it.This means what they all do want, is unique information. Relevant info is in big demand. Therefore the best thing you can do, is submit unique content. The only feasible way to do this is with an article spinner and submission program.

Two of the most well known software programs are The Best Spinner, and Magic Article Rewriter. However there is another program that I believe tramples the others The program is called Article Marketing Robot.

The reason this program is so much more powerful is that it is a complete solution. Some article programs only rewrite and do not submit at all. You would need to purchase a submitter also. The submitter must also be able to rotate submissions to be effective. You can use your spinner to take one original article and rewrite it into a hundred or more articles.But what good is that, if you cant rotate your submissions. How will you publish different articles, to each article directory?.

It is also important to be able to sign up at hundreds of article websites automatically. Doing it manually is almost impossible.

After you submit the original articles, how will you follow of which articles are published and which are pending? Some directories approve immediately,while some take a week or longer. Finally how will you promote, ping, social bookmark the articles that are published?

The answer is Article Marketing Robot. In my opinion, the only software that lets you handle the complete job.I consider Article Marketing Robot to be the best spinner and submitter out there. Just think creating hundreds of articles from one original article. Then automatically, submitting these individual articles to many article websites. Imagine being able to track the status of all your articles. Then pinging, bookmarking and submitting rss feeds for all your articles.Can you picture the traffic and backlinks you can accumulate? The sales?

Honestly Article Marketing Robot is the best spinner software out there. It also happens to be the most reasonably priced.The best spinner is Article Marketing Robot.

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Find out more about the best article spinner /submitter/ promoter software available. Check out The Best Spinner is Article Marketing Robot
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