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Successful Internet Marketing –5 Easy Steps to Help You Choose the Best Niche For Your Website

Picking a profitable niche is crucial in driving traffic to your website. Although there are no guaranteed techniques to select a lucrative niche, I will show in this article 8 simple steps which will help you to choose the best niche for your website.

1. Create a list of your interest and hobbies

Make a note of everything you are enthusiastic and interested about. This is extremely important as writing about a subject that you like will help to keep you motivated about your website. This could really be about anything, sports, vintage cars, upholstery, etc.

2. Create another list that concentrates on the things you excel at

Learn from your friends and family what they believe you are great at! Some people may bring up subjects you would never have considered! In my particular case, the fact that I was good at drawing was a recurring theme amongst my friends and family! However, it could be that you are good with children or the elderly, or excel at baking!

3. Combine the 2 Lists

If you can find any similarities between the 2 lists this will give you a good head start on the subject you can write about on your website. Having said that, you don’t need to be an expert to write about a specific subject. You can still select a topic as long as you are passionate about and willing to learn about it.

4. Select your preferred top 3 niches

From the combined list you put together in step 3, extract the top 3 subjects you are most passionate about. Next, use Google keyword tool to find out the numbers of monthly visitors to your potential niche. Ideally you should be aiming for a niche showing a figure in excess of 20,000 searches per month.

5. Find out the profitability of your niche

The easiest way to establish whether your niche is profitable or not is by typing your subject keywords in Google and looking at the number of sponsored ads listed on the top and right handset of the results pages. If people are prepared to pay for these keywords, this confirms that they are indeed profitable!

On the other hand if when typed into Google your keyword brings no sponsored ads, this is an obvious sign that there is very little or no money to be made in that particular niche.

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