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Successful Internet marketing – Why You Should Build Up Your Own List

The best way to make your own websites flourish is by developing your own list. I am strongly emphasizing the word “own”, as many people go for what they think is “the easy option” and purchase instead a database of email addresses from online companies.

Well, although at first, it might appear to some to be the “easy way”, it is more often than not ineffective and the money spent on such product could have been used more effectively elsewhere!

People hate receiving unsolicited emails

People simply do not respond well to emails they have not asked for, and this is often felt by many as an annoying“intrusion”.

Think about it for a minute, do you enjoy having your email box invaded by unsolicited offers? No? Well you are not alone.

Even if you’ve spent a huge amount of time producing a “state of the art” email template, it will be totally meaningless if the people on the receiving end did NOT subscribe to it. They will straight away see it as “junk email” or “spam” and subsequently hit the delete button of their PCs.

So, essentially, what it means is that you could have a database containing a million email addresses, and end up considering yourself lucky if your open rate is above 0.1%!

Poor list quality

Almost certainly, the email addresses would have been generated by an automated program, robots, or any other harmful application.

Furthermore, when you receive your list, many of the email addresses would have already expired (in some cases a few years ago) or are totally non-existent. There is absolutely no way of knowing!

Developing your own list is the best way!

You are much better off building a list collected from your own private, reliable sources than acquiring a stack of meaningless and unknown email addresses.

You will be in total control of your list, because every single person listed there would have signed-up on their own free will. By filling the opt-in form and providing you with their private details, they are effectively demonstrating that they have an obvious interest in your niche. They will therefore be more receptive to receiving your emails. When they are no longer interested in your niche, they can simply unsubscribe from your list.

Unquestionably, developing your own subscriber list is the most efficient way to build up an effective mailing list.

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