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Successful Article Marketing in 5 Easy Steps – Internet Marketing guide

Understanding article marketing

If you are not having success with article marketing, or if you are contemplating starting out, below are some guidelines which will help to save you a lot of wasted effort in the future.

No 1: Respect the article directory’s rules and regulations

Although reading each directory’s specific rules might look like a mundane, mind-numbing exercise, if you don’t adhere to them, you may well find that your article marketing career comes to an abrupt end.

No 2: Make sure your writing is up to scratch

If you wish to write, publish and furthermore get your articles noticed and be taken seriously by other internet marketers and bloggers you must at least exhibit basic literacy skills.

Nothing screams “inexperienced newbie louder than a poorly written article. You should re-read your articles a few times to make sure the content actually makes sense.

No 3: Proof read your articles.

All wordprocessing software include a spellchecker. Make ample use of it!

If your article is littered with spelling mistakes, terrible grammar and has little or no punctuation, visitors will not bother reading it in its entirety and instead will quickly “click away” from it.

As previously mentioned, make sure you read your article at least a few times before submitting it. Often when you read it a second time, your eyes will pick up mistakes that you did not see first time around.

No 4: Mass submission is disliked by article directories!

They usually see it as “spamming” the directory.

Truth be told, who is capable of “churning out” 100 articles in a day? Personally, I think that even writing 10 a day is quite a remarkable achievement for the average writer.

So if you are thinking of submitting large numbers of articles, and don’t want to see them being deleted, use your common sense, don’t “force feed” them to the article directory in one go, but instead spread out the submissions across many days or even weeks.

5. Create an effective resource box

Essentially this is the only space in the article where you are allowed to promote your products or services. Use up your hyperlinks allowance efficiently. Make sure that you insert your selected keywords as anchor text.

In order to lure readers back to your site, you should give them a good reason to click on your hyperlink by writing a strong “call to action”. For example: “Healthy Eating Centre will help you to shed those unwanted pounds”.

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