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SEO Techniques That No Longer Work

SEO Techniques That No Longer Work

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SEO Techniques That No Longer Work

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Posted: Dec 22, 2010 |Comments: 0

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SEO has seen so many techniques being used since its inception. The techniques used have been instrumental for bringing a site up at the top slot of the search engine and to increase the visibility of an online brand. However, there are few pre-historic SEO techniques that are no longer effective any online business.

SEO is a continual process and with the change of time, techniques do have to change along with the change of technology and time. With the ever changing nature of the search engines, it seems the search engine algorithms are concentrating more on key points rather than the peripherals.

W3c Validation: A valid web page will always work efficiently but it won’t possible be good for your ranking.

Keyword Meta Tags and Description: Google have already confirmed that these are no longer an important factor to boost a website ranking.

Keyword Stuffing: Content till now is the most important component of every SEO campaign. Without content it will be impossible to build links or focus on the keywords. However, gone are the days when you have to stuff your content with hundreds of keywords in every paragraph. Google is more concern about user friendly content rather than a content which look unnatural with lots of keywords.

Page Rank Sculpting: With the help of NoFollow attribute sites owners are trying hard to propel PageRank to crucial pages. However, Google is trying to break the way this nofollow works. Now, a nofollowed link will be considered as a non existence link. So, sculpting is no longer a good idea to follow.

Reciprocal Links: Another SEO technique that has gone down the drain is the reciprocal link. This type of link building is designed to manipulate the search results as well as the PageRank algorithm. Since Google is washing its hand off this method. It’s best you do the same thing.

Paid Links: The quality of links, that is, the reputation, PR, quality of the site or page providing the link, will have a big impact on your search ranking. There are various ways to get links but paid links are marked as nofollow, and it will have no impact on your overall SEO ranking.

Now, you got some idea how the above techniques of SEO won’t be able to get a guaranteed search engine ranking. They are outdated and won’t do any good if you adopt them.

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