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SEO Reports – The Importance of Having Proper Reporting

SEO is a very dynamic and complex process and as important it is for a company to provide the service it is equally important to report it correctly because a webmaster can only know what’s going on if he/she gets a detailed report of the status. In case you are opting for an SEO provider it is crucial for you to know the update on the task and therefore reporting becomes a core aspect of an SEO service.

A report does not mean any document with stuff written into it in order to present it as a report. It should contain something that makes sense and can inform the reader about the process that has been completed in the previous month and the subsequent results that have been obtained. There can be several aspects that a report can cover.

To begin with a report should elaborate on the search engine rankings of the website for all the keywords that are being targeted. It should reflect the change in ranking for each keyword because that will help the reader to judge the progress made and the traffic expectations can be noted as well. You will find that most providers are wary of providing this report because in case there is a fall in the rankings the webmaster might ask questions or raise doubts.

The next report includes the submission process. It basically comprises of all the submission links gathered at the end of the month for the various incoming links to the website that have been obtained via submissions. In most cases this is in the form of an excel sheet where all the articles, press releases and social bookmarking dates, accounts and reference links are included. With this you can be sure that all that has been promised to you has been completed. The submission report is basically the proof that all the work that you wanted is done correctly and in time.

Finally, you can also ask for additional reports including the Google Analytics report in case your website is being tracked by the system. It is a pretty simple yet effective report which helps you understand the traffic trends and the user behavior on your site. You can get to know the regions across the globe that are driving traffic to your site.

With the right reporting you can be sure that your SEO process will carry on smoothly hence it is a must that you demand an SEO report from your service provider.

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