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SEO Placement Strategy Guaranteed To Improve Your SEO Ranking

Incoming links from other web pages is one factor to consider building when optimizing your website for a top Google ranking. The relevance of the page where you are linked from and the keywords you use on the link itself are equally important. The more links you build, the more edge you have over other websites in positioning yourself on page one of Google.

One way of building links is through article marketing via article directories. This may sound heavy to you if you are not used to writing articles but once you get the hang of it, it is actually simple. I have met people who shun writing in the beginning but began to love it once they knew the purpose and the results.

Assume you own a grocery store in Plymouth and you want to market your home-made apple sauce. If you want to be on page one of Google with the search term “home-made apple sauce Plymouth”, you can consider using this strategy: Write a 400 word article that explains to readers about home-made apple sauce. You could include the ingredients and health benefits, how the sauce is being made, its history, your location, etc. To help you further on your SEO placement, you need to include your keywords in the title and body of your article, and also keywords in the link that links back to your site at the bottom of your article, or in the author resource box.

The title of your article would then be “Where To Find The Best Home-Made Apple Sauce”, or “5 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Choose Home-Made Apple Sauce”, or “Home-Made Apple Sauce Secrets Revealed!”, etc. The title should contain the keyword “home-made apple sauce” and be catchy as well to attract the reader’s attention. Some article directories do not allow you to include the name of a location, in this case “Plymouth”. If that is the case, you could include the location in the body of your article. Do find out the article directory’s rules.

The link at the bottom of your article on in the author resource box that links back to your website should contain the main keyword “home-made apple sauce”. Be creative in crafting out a phrase so that it creates interest and curiosity. One example would be “Find out how you can improve your cooking recipes using home-made apple sauce”. But do make sure you have some cooking recipes on your website if you use such a link-phrase.

There are free article directories and there are the paid ones as well. You can search for them through the search engines, but I would recommend if you are choosing the free version because they are given more respect by article publishers. Articles submitted to are reviewed by real people, so the quality standard is higher. This means that your article, if approved, have a likelihood of being picked up and published by publishers. You not only get backlinks, but real exposure too.

Your article must be original and not copied from someone else’s. It should be informative and engaging to the reader. is able to detect any copyright violation and will reject your article outright. So do make sure that you use your own words and not copy from another source.

The keyword-laden link at the bottom of your article or in the author resource box is crucial as it will help you with your SEO placement ranking. A lot of webmasters missed this very important point and wasted what could have been a very successful campaign in SEO placement strategy.

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