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One of the greatest backlink tools you need is actually free … it’s the Yahoo Site Explorer.  It can provide you most anything you want to know about the sites that are linking to you and those sites linking to your competitors.  Most other tools use Yahoo Site Explorer anyway, so why not just go to the source.

But Yahoo Site Explorer is a measuring and analytical device for assessing the quantity and quality of backlinks for the website in question.  It doesn’t actually create a backlink nor does it provide guidance on generating backlinks. You also will not be able to take data points and track the velocity of backlinks.

There are various websites that promote the idea of a tool that can help you generate Backlinks.  I must categorically say that there is no such thing if you understand what SEO Backlinking is really all about.

Backlinks are important because the search engines say they are.  Google measures both the quantity and the quality of backlinks to rank websites.  So-called backlink tools may involve directory submissions and paid link tools and even “link farms.”  None of these will get you to page one and in the case of link farms it can get you severely penalized as well.  Google knows the difference between low quality and high quality links so reject the idea or concept of a tool that can actually generate great links.

Great links can come from only one thing … Great Content.  Your greatest Backlink Creation Tool is your ability to generate consistent new, non-duplicate content, implemented properly on your website and promoted using optimized versions of the content via expert syndication methods to important, high value websites.

You want to get the kind of backlinks that you can be proud of, and that a search engine wants to see in order to increase your ranks for your targeted keywords. If you just have a bunch of backlinks that are completely unrelated to the content of your site, you won’t actually get the search engine boost that you’re looking for. You’d be better off with a few backlinks that actually relate to your content, rather than a huge number of them that do not. But how do you get to that point? You must use the right SEO and backlink tools; as stated, there are no real backlink “creation” tools.  Remember this … it’s all about the content.  Everything else is basically mirrors.

Use our Link Velocity Tool to monitor and manage your Backlink growth strategy.  Creating backlinks themselves requires the hard work of content development, implementation and syndication.

Contact us today to get started developing your winning Backlink Growth Strategy or sign up for our Link Velocity Tool for free.

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