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Seo Article Writing – How To Attain Top Search Engine Rankings With Articles

Writing for website promotion is different from traditional forms of writing. Your main goal is to attain top rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN (now Bing). Here is a guide on how to write articles specifically for this purpose.

Tip 1: Separate lengthy articles in multiple articles. Your goal is to build as many back links as possible. If you write a thousand word article, and include 2 links, that’s just 2 links you have acquired. But if you split up the article into 3 articles, you get a total of 6 links. You can use the articles to link to different pages on your website for maximum SEO results.

Tip 2: Choose keywords carefully. Very often, I see marketers use keywords that are too broad. This is a mistake. Broad keywords are much harder to rank due to competition. In some cases, it’s almost impossible to rank. So it’s fruitless to try and target broad keywords. Choose keywords with at least 3 words within a single phrase. Then use those keywords as anchor texts.

Tip 3: No need for keyword stuffing. You are writing to acquire back links, but don’t forget about your human readers. There is no need to deliberately stuff your articles with repetitive keywords. This will degenerate the quality of your articles. Remember that poor quality articles always fail to pull in targeted traffic. No traffic means no sales. So don’t try to “cheat” the search engines with unnatural keyword stuffing. Just write naturally and your articles will get indexed and ranked.

Thinking of writing articles to promote your website? Forget about generating low quality content because quality does matter when it comes to web promotion. Here is why.

1) Trust and credibility. Your readers come to know you through your articles. Quite often, it’s the first time that they come across materials that have been submitted by you. So it’s likely that they will form an impression about who you are, and what you stand for. If you submit poor quality articles, they may think that the products you are selling must be inferior as well. So do ensure that articles are of great value to your readers. They don’t have to be perfect, but they do have to contain useful information.

2) Higher approval rates. When you submit articles to article directories, editors tend to review your content before publishing them for the general public. If you don’t meet their quality guidelines, your articles don’t even have a chance to be published on the Internet. With higher quality content comes higher approval rates, which means that you will get more back links and exposure.

3) Generate goodwill and make more sales. Web readers always appreciate valuable content, especially when they are given away freely. So don’t think that you are not achieving much with your content. In actual fact, you are generating goodwill with your readers. This will eventually lead to more clicks, more sign ups, and more sales. Generating goodwill has a lot to do with the quality of your content. The higher the quality, the more likely readers will reciprocate.

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