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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Spamming

Breaking Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rules and regulations is very common on the World Wide Web. Every SEO professional should be aware of Search Engine Optimisation Spam. This type of spam is very similar to telemarketers who do not take no for an answer. SEO spam, it fills up search engine results pages instead. Being caught and labeled as a possible spammer can cause your page rankings to be penalized and more than likely removed from search engines all together.

Search Engine Optimisation Spam is defined as the manipulation of a web page to give it an artificial boost in the search engine rankings. It is also known as spamdexing – spamming indexes. Not all spam is easy to detect, but you should avoid doing anyway. The best way to prevent Search Engine Optimisation Spam is by not making your company’s website appear to be something that it really is not. This is often ambiguous and will lower your ranking.

I think we need to be careful not to confuse the meaning of the word ‘spam‘ with Search Engine ranking manipulation.  If you manage to get the search engine to offer your web page for a totally non related search query, then this would be spamming. If however you manage to boost your ranking by some means for a search related to your topic then this would be manipulation.

They are both bad practice that will eventually get you penalised or even removed from the index. Be warned – Rich

Charlotte Web Design and Internet Marketing Company has composed a list of spamming techniques commonly used:

Cloaking – providing one set of information to known search engine spiders while displaying a totally different set of information viewed by visitors.
Link Farms – a website set up with the sole purpose of increasing the link popularity of other sites by increasing the number of incoming links to those sites.
Keyword Stuffing – repeatedly placing keywords on a website.
Hidden Tags – improperly using tags used by search browsers.
Leader Pages – creating pages that contain series of documents designed to meet requirements of different search engine algorithms.

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