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Forums and forum hosting. It can be asked why not simply run a blog. Good question. Yet for those involved in Search Engine Optimization – SEO – its practice , techniques and strategies , nothing calls out more and leaves a poor first impression of a websites than an empty forum. Blogs it seems do not have dead space and can be filled up with what might be politely call in the trade “filler” content.

Forums are extremely good matters of concern; whether you wish to link up with other like-minded people, talk over a new hobby ,discuss and share thoughts or simply just want to get your personal view out there. It’s one way of creating social bonds and interest groups for a topic of common interest. A favorably managed forum can also be an extremely productive tool for marketing your website, and could directly initiate earnings.

Facilitating the giving and receiving of ideas, opinions and knowledge about a particular subject, a forum can also become somewhat of an information center that people rely on. It’s basically trading ideas and information, giving out tips or day-to-day experiences. Through internet forum, a virtual community is formed. Correspondence and communication takes place. Multiple users share concepts and knowledge with one another thereby inviting people to be part of the ongoing interaction. If this can be achieved, the number of members taking part in the discussion threads will be remarkably high.

By simply giving a precise of your launch information in a thread, you could generate meaningful backlinks to your main site. More traffic still can be generated on a day-to-day basis, by contributing to up-to-date threads and reverting readers to your site through well placed content on both portals.

You could elect to build your own forum directly into your site of course, which can be very effective, particularly if your customer base is already healthy. However, this can be extremely time and financially consuming – not to mention the distractions it gives you from your other undertakings.

By far the best option is to host your forum off site, and create traffic to your main site. At Boardster. Net, they offer a very high quality of standard, free, forum hosting service. Using their high powered, fully scalable and customizable Open Source bulletin board package, you can create a specialized appearance of your forum with your own branding, on their faithful servers.

Using phpBB , you get a high -powered ,fully accessible, highly adaptable and free open source internet forum software package that can support a variety of database management system. Its key features are: simple installation, multiple-language interface, support for a host of database servers, high security, with extensive authorization system and strong encryption for password safety ,unlimited forums that can be organized into unlimited categories, unlimited forum members, private or public forums ,powerful search facility, private messaging facility ,template customization ,messages formatting in various font styles and sizes, allowing image posting, code display, automatic URL linking ,easy-to-use admin panel and a large number of phpBB users providing free support. Here you have access to a user-friendly crossing point; for both you the administrator and the visitors to the forum. With a fantastic and quick sign up, you can have your forum online in minutes. Amazingly up-front to get up and running, if you do have a queries, the sensibly organized and comprehensive FAQ section should make available the explanation. Happy hosting!

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