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Recover My Files – How often do you backup your files?

How do I Recover My Files? Not as hard as I originally thought.

I managed to salvage a couple of long days work the other day which I cleverly managed to delete. But nobody in their right mind deletes files and then empties the recycle bin. I did I admit it and it’s  My Own Fault but hey-ho :(

I had been working on a series of articles for a new site I was promoting and for some reason I had been saving them locally rather than in to my projects area in the network. But I thought I was saving things across the network.

So I had about 10 articles that were the rewritten with spin-codes so that I can mass submit loads of unique variants. I smugly congratulated myself at being able to keep focused long enough to get the job done. I then decided to tidy my mess and deleted the temp directory I was working in.

Then for some reason I got distracted and started clearing up some other directories to free up some much needed space.

My last action was to empty the contents of the recycle bin.

The next morning, fired with enthusiasm I went to start my promotion but guess what, no articles.

After a frantic few minutes I managed to work out what I had done. All my work was deleted and deleted from the recycle bin.

So I did a Google search for Recover My Files and found a bit of software that had been around for a while but seemed to do the trick. Downloaded it for f.ree installed it and then searched my laptop hard drive for deleted files.

Hey presto there they were. I then bought the software license and activated the software. I was then able to recover all the lost files and save them in my project folder over the network.

So the moral here is not only to save often and back-up often but also to double check that you are saving where you think you are saving.


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