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Product Giveaways – A Great Way to Generate Buzz About Your Business

Looking to give your business a little boost? Product giveaways via the internet can be a great way to generate a buzz for your business and increase overall brand awareness. Here are some of the basics to help get you started.

Why Product Giveaways? Everyone loves a freebie. Announce that you are having a giveaway and you’re sure to garner some attention, no matter how small the value. Product giveaways get people excited about what you have to offer and helps generate web site traffic and brand awareness. With the help of the internet and social media sites, your product giveaway has the chance to “go viral” or spread like a virus across the internet. Typically, a giveway hosted on the internet costs the company little more than the price of the product and shipping, making it a low-cost way to ‘get the word out.’

How to Advertise Your Giveaway: The internet makes this easy and inexpensive. A great place to start is your company’s web site or blog. Create a post about the giveaway or send a special e-mail to clients about the giveaway and instructions for entering. If your company has a Facebook page or Twitter account, post it there too and keep reposting (or retweeting) until the contest expires. The great thing about using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for giveaways is that your fans or followers can easily send your update to their friends and followers and so on and so on, making your giveaway take on a real word-of-mouth (or viral) importance.

Have Others Advertise Your Giveaway: If you do not have a strong blog readership or social media following, it might pay to find someone who does have one to advertise or host your giveaway for you. There are thousands of bloggers out there who have sites strictly for reviewing products and hosting giveaways. Usually, their fee consists of nothing more than sending them a sample of your product that they can keep. Often these bloggers have gained hundreds, if not thousands, of followers who pay attention to giveaways and inform their friends of products and contests that might interest them. Often bloggers take it a step further and post the giveaway on their Facebook or Twitter pages, adding to your giveaway’s publicity exponentially.

Be Creative: There are typically many give ways circulating social media sites at any one time. Try to make yours stand out by adding a creative twist to it. Make entering more fun than simply requesting an email from someone. Entice people to enter by offering all entrants a special discount on future orders. Or have them come up with a creative answer to a question you pose. For example, we recently held a tote bag giveaway in the middle of winter. We asked all entrants to name to which destination they would love to take their tote bag to and what one item they would stick inside that they couldn’t leave home without. We had numerous respondents who came up with many creative, fun ideas. We made entering quick, easy and fun and had a great response.

Added Benefits: Your giveaway should leave you with multiple benefits with long-lasting effects. You could require that entrants visit your site and tell you one thing they liked or learned about it, giving a boost to your web site’s visibility and traffic. An entry requirement might be that the entrant sign up for your newsletter, which then would increase the size of your mailing list (remember to make it easy for them to opt-out at any time). Hopefully the giveaway will increase awareness of your company and brand that someone will remember down the road. A special discount reserved only for entrants e-mailed to them after the giveaway might do just that.

Regardless of how you decide to do a giveaway, be sure to blog or post an announcement about the winn


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