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Procedure For Proper Article Submission in 5 easy steps – Internet Marketing tutorial

Successful article submission

Creating and publishing articles to directories as a way to promote products or services is a “shrewd move” for any aspiring internet marketer.

However, numerous people are at a complete loss when it comes to submitting their articles and do not know how and where to start. In this article, I will outline the entire process in 5 easy steps.

The difficulties encountered when submitting articles to various directories can easily be easily avoided with some simple organization ideas:

Step 1: This goes without saying, but you should always proofread your article and read it a few times to make sure that there are no inconsistencies. Also pay attention to the title. It should not only be appealing to readers, but also be a brief summary of your article.

Step 2: Initially, open an account with the top 10 article directories – (as your website grows, you will add more directories to your list)

Some directories like Ezine articles and will only accept unique material, so you will need to re-write the articles before posting them to these directories.

Step 3: Write the author bio and the resource box for each directory. Getting the resource box right is crucial in generating traffic to your site. This is the only place where you are allowed to promote your products and services. Make sure you place the relevant hyperlinks strategically within the resource box.

Step 4: Make a list of the information needed to log into each single directory. In most cases, this will be the e-mail, username and password. For example: Ezine – myemail – myusername – mypassword. From one directory to another the categories’ name will vary, so also make a note of the applicable category title for each directory.

Step 5: Why you should submit manually?

Although I am sure that you are aware of the numerous “mass article submission software” available, if you submit your articles to less than 20 directories, I STRONGLY advise you do it manually, one at a time.

The reason for this is that you must ensure that the hyperlinks stay intact. Yes, this method will take more time, but there is also a lot less chance of a mistake being made such as violating a directory’s terms of service and subsequently having your account canceled.

By doing manual submissions, your articles will be placed under the right category, comply with the correct directory’s format, and not end up being rejected because of a captcha image infraction; which is very hard to bypass with an automated article submission.

As a whole, you will get much better results with respect to acceptance of your articles and also with regard to link building

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