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Niche Internet Marketing Practice to Get Potential Customers

The following opinion is probably highly debatable and may not even be a popular stand at that. I feel that the craze of Twittering is a waste of time in terms of ROI. As is many of the other forms of marketing that is not directly related to the Internet.

Hopefully some of the dust has settled from that last paragraph!

I personally subscribe to the philosophy of exerting 20% of my effort toward realizing 80% of my returns. Rather than spending 80% of my time to gain only 20% return on my time invested. That is how I feel about some of these avenues of marketing a business.

Please don’t get me wrong I have a Twitter account and Twitter on a semi-regular basis. But I am realistic as to the hopes of ever realizing a return on my investment of time.

I don’t think anyone has ever sold a John Deer tractor on Twitter!

I believe that owning and operating an Optimized business website can’t be beat when it comes to return on investment.
When asked by a business owner that wants to realize additional revenue from their business on the Internet how this can be accomplished my answer is always the same.

•    Develop a business website that reflects the business personality and professionally offers the public your products or services offered.
•    Aggressively invest in that website with an off page optimization campaign.

This means invest not only in having your website optimized but engage in a back link campaign that enhances your website, the keyword phrases you are marketing, and the products or services you offer the public.

Many a business owner has had a beautiful website designed and unfortunately not by a website designer that is well versed in Internet Marketing or SEO. Unfortunately this website will never be a real asset to its owners without marketing it properly. It is lacking the juice that will drive it to the top of the organic search engines. This where profits are generated, ranking well in the organic search engines.

Internet marketing starts with a business website that is designed with SEO in mind from conception and once launched live invested in with back link building. Being a Portland Oregon seo firm, we are expert in designing SEO friendly website.

Back links can be procured by many means. Below is a list of the most fertile means.

•    Article writing and publishing online as a guest blogger on other peoples blogs.
•    Press Releases published professionally on the Internet.
•    Adding your business in directories with links into your website.
•    Commenting on other peoples blogs so long as they do not have no follows.
•    Link baiting is the best way to generate natural back links

This type of work acquiring links is very time consuming and sometimes it is more cost effective out sourced to companies that specialize in this type of marketing.

Bottom line of all the ways you can participate in Internet Marketing there is better way of realizing a good ROI in both time and money than with a well engineered business website that is participating in an off page optimization campaign.

About the Author:
James is an experienced internet marketing expert from website design Portland firm have published various articles on effective internet marketing practice. Author is working as a Portland joomla developer with eye catching design.
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