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Mix and Match Online Marketing Strategies

It is good to pull from all the different marketing strategies out there.

I have shown the power of using keyword matched domain names for high ranking.

So why not blend this with a bit of Local Business Promotion?

Take a local area and think about competing services and businesses, then use your keyword research tool like Market Samurai to find phrases that attract some traffic that have the local name in the search e.g Cambridge Dog Grooming or Cambridge Vets or Southampton Gym. Then see if any domain names are available (choose .com, .org or local e.g get your domain name and set up a blog.

Publish content at regular intervals and watch your stats.

You should see your blog appear in the top #20 on Google quite quickly.

The traffic will build and you can then place a few ads to relevant local firms. Monitor this traffic. When it gets to a steady stream approach the companies with the traffic evidence and offer to sell the slot on your blog on a monthly basis.

Easy and effective.


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