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Marketing with Articles – How to Write an Unbiased Review

When you are submitting articles for article marketing, from time to time you might wish to write a “review” article.

For example, if your website is about tennis, you might write an article reviewing the latest rackets. If your website is about travel, you may want to review a luxury resort. If your website is about parenting, you could write a review of the latest baby car seats.

Review articles can be a nice change of pace from your regular essay articles and numbered list articles. The purpose of a review article is to provide your reader with unbiased information that you have gathered about the product, service, or destination that you are reviewing.

There is one major thing you need to be careful about though: Your review article needs to be written in such a way that it does not look promotional. That means that the article does not sound like it is trying to sell anything that would benefit you.

In fact, your review article should not sound like it is trying to sell anything at all. You are simply presenting objective and reliable facts about a product, service or destination. By writing in an unbiased way, you give your article more credibility with publishers and your readers.

Here are some tips for ensuring that your article comes across as unbiased:

1 – Be sure to include both pros and cons about the thing you are reviewing. Even if you absolutely love the product, do your best to also spotlight any potential negatives. This will help give your review credibility.

2 – The language that you use should not sound hyped up or sales-y, like you’re a used car salesman or working on the marketing team for the product. You are just a consumer who has done your homework, and you want to share what you have learned with your audience.

3 – Do not try to get people to buy the thing that you are reviewing–that makes your reader suspicious of your motives. You have no vested interest in getting your reader to buy this product–all you want to do is give them the accurate information that they are looking for.

4 – Refrain from including an affiliate link to the website of the product you are reviewing, either in the article body or in the resource box. An affiliate link communicates that you have something to gain from someone buying the product, which means you have an ulterior motive for writing the article.

5 – Your resource box should not try to sell the item that you were reviewing in your article. If it does, then that makes the article “promotional”–a sales tool for the product.

The #1 reason why articles are declined by publishers is “promotional article”. When you’re writing your review article, use these tips to be sure that it appears completely unbiased. That will increase the likelihood that your article will be accepted and republished by publishers, and it will increase your credibility with your readers.

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