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Make Money Blogging: Top Strategies For Earning With Blog

How to make money blogging is top on the things going on in the mind of an average blogger. There are number of ways you can earn from blogging. Top strategies for earning with blog have been covered in this piece of writing.

Explore these top tips on earning with your blogs;

1. Offer Advertising Space for Sales

Prior to the inception of blogs, there are e-zines, and offering advertising space for sales at e-zines was a common way to earn additional income. Perhaps you are managing your own blog; it is a great idea to allow others advertise on your Blogs with banner ads, classifieds, sponsor ads etc. Having your own blog is a great avenue to repeat the business model practiced by ezine publishers – sell advertising space on your blog.

2. Place Google Adsence into Your Blog

In addition to placing advertising ads on your blog, you can as well get paid blogging by placing Google adsense into your blog. There’s a way you can customize your blog template to add the Google adsense so that you can earn money through it.

3. Provide Technical Services

You can also earn blog income by offering technical services like blog hosting or by assisting others who want to set up their own blogs. You will charge reasonable fee for the blog services you provide; your charges could be monthly-based or otherwise. By adding certain blog features in your client’s blog, you charge certain fees also to this effect.

4. The Membership Model

You can earn income blogging by utilizing the membership model. With the passage of time and as your blog is filled with informative postings and quality content, you may think of transforming your blog into a membership site and charge a fee to those who may want to access it.

5. Blog Content Repackaging

You can also make money with your blogs by repackaging its content in such a way that you can earn money from it. For instance, you can transform the contents of your blog to an ebook or audio product and offer it for sale. A suitable instance is when you are managing your own Podcasting show, it is easier to put your Podcast recordings together into a CD and offer it for sale.

6. Earn By Swapping Blogs

Perhaps you have heard about ad swapping, a term in ezine publishing. This technique is used by publishers to publish one another’s ads in their own ezines. This is a great way to achieve advertising cost-effectiveness. This model can be practiced in blogging whereby ads are swapped on Blogs also. Therefore, rather than making payment upfront, you save and have more income at your disposal.

7. Establish a Joint Venture Marketing

A lot of influential online marketers are utilizing the joint marketing strategy in their online marketing. With this technique, you promote someone’s products to your product subscriber and customer list and receive a share from any sale that accrues from the promotion. This can also be practiced in blogging by promoting some products to your blog readers (where you have large readership) and subsequently split the profits earned from the sales.

These top tips on how to earn blog income will help you achieve great result when you apply them to your blogging venture.

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