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Make Money Blogging: Top 5 Tips

Make Money Blogging: Top 5 Tips

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Make Money Blogging: Top 5 Tips

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Posted: Nov 12, 2010 |Comments: 0


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Make Money Blogging: Top 5 Tips

By: Pat Mctigue

About the Author

Now that you have decided to make money by blogging, read about the best and easiest ways to do it at our  make money blogging training site at .

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Article Source: Money Blogging: Top 5 Tips


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I am going to talk to you about how to make money blogging.  Blogging can be a good source of income.  You don’t have to have a lot of technical knowledge which opens it up to a lot of people. I have learned a lot over the years and will share some simple but effective tips to help you get started with your own blog.

1. Get started right now! – Don’t let fear or a perceived lack of knowledge hold you back.  Stop procrastinating and dive in!  Your blog can be up and running today.  You can’t do anything until you get that thing up.  Once it is up you can start to develop it. Just getting your blog up is very simple with the Fantastico Deluxe feature in the cpanel.  If you are not familiar with these terms don’t worry.  It is a piece of cake.  So go for it and get that blog up today!

2. Reach out to your readers – People are more likely to buy from someone they know.  They are also more likely to to buy from someone they trust. Include your personal information on your blog.  Let your readers know who you are.  They will begin to feel as if they know you.  Skype is a great tool to use. You will find that people will start a conversation with you.  Making contacts this way will help you grow a loyal following.

3. Content is key – Fresh, original content is what you need on your blog.  This is key to getting noticed by the search engines.  So write your own stuff. Share your knowledge and experiences.  Before you know it you will have a lot of fresh, quality content on your blog and it will start to get noticed by the search engines.  At some point you may choose to get some help doing this work.  In the beginning, however, I recommend that you write your own stuff.

4. Sell only quality products on your blog – Trust me, this will play a huge factor in the success of your blog.  Your readers won’t continue to visit your blog if they do not trust you. You want to develop a loyal following and by selling only a few quality products you will be able to accomplish that. To assure that your products are quality try them out yourself.  At the very least do a thorough review and be sure the product meets the needs of your readers. Never sell questionable products.  If there is any doubt keep it off of your site.  You want to develop a good reputation and you won’t be able to if your site is selling inferior stuff.

5. Keep it simple – You could spend months reading all of the information out there on how to build a super blog. What is the best theme to use?  How about plug ins?  Avoid spending a lot of time on this.  This will only delay getting started.  The most important thing is to get your blog up and start blogging.  Start developing that loyal group of readers.  If you start getting into too much detail it will only slow you down.


About the Author:
Now that you have decided to make money by blogging, read about the best and easiest ways to do it at our  make money blogging training site at .
Article Source

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