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Learn SEO Basics to Increase Your Google Page Rank

Learn SEO Basics to Increase Your Google Page Rank

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Learn SEO Basics to Increase Your Google Page Rank

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Posted: Jan 12, 2011 |Comments: 0

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Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm started by Google to determine the value of your website. If you want more information on page rank, go to Wikipedia and search for page rank.

For example, if you site contains high quality back links, you will get higher rank rank value.
Below are the 5 simple steps which will help you to increase your page rank!
1. Add your website to Google – The very first thing you need to do is submit your website to Google. This is a great way to receive a good rating at Google
2. Add your website to directories – There are lots of popular online directories that will give you some relevant, high quality back links which can be used to determine your website’s Page Rank. Make sure you submit your website to at least 10 different directories.
3. Article Marketing – Article marketing is a type of marketing in which people write short articles related to their respective niche and publish them to the popular article directories like Ezinearticles, Articlebase etc. If you need high-quality backlinks to your website you must think about Article Marketing. By writing a couple of relevant articles each day and submitting them to several article directories along with your website link in the author’s resource box will get you massive traffic to your site.
4. Blog marketing – This is another great way of generating backlinks to your site. Create your own blog and write few posts with keywords back linking to your site. Blogs are very useful tool to market your website and people love reading blogs more than content placed on a website, because they are allowed to put comment and add their thoughts on the blog.
5. Forum Marketing – Forum marketing is highly effective ad brings targeted traffic on your account. Forums help you to put your direct contact with potential customers, participating in discussion & posting your opinions on something that are relevant to your related to your products. Join at least 5 top forums that website & post as often as you are able. An objective to shoot for is 3 times each week because you need to keep the momentum of the site going.
All the steps are simple; you don’t have to pay for anything! For article marketing you can hire a writer. Don’t forget to add a link to your website,

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