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Keyword Research Tools Will Give You Vital Information About Your Keywords – Internet Marketing Guide

When seeking online information, people utilize various words. These are called “keywords”. In order to make your own websites the correct way, you will need to use a Keyword research tool.

This will help you to find out keywords related to your niche market that people are typing in their browser. When starting a new website, these questions are vital to the information generated on your website.

Use this information as a stepping-stone to create pertinent information on your website and also to write articles that provide a solution to your readers’ queries.

There are many Keyword Research Tools available, but for the purpose of this article, I will concentrate on the most popular:

Wordtracker (Free)

In essence it is an SEO tool that will let you know what specific queries people are asking about and how many times they have asked about a specific query.

A useful function is the download key. Once you have identified a list of queries that you wish to investigate further, you can easily export it to Microsoft Excel.

Keyword Discovery

It will help you uncover the most effective keywords to target on your website by assembling a list of worldwide searched data coming from the main search engines.

It has many useful features, among them:

Related keywords – it will show you synonyms of your keywords,

Seasonal search trend – this is very helpful if your products or services fluctuate according to the time of year,

Keyword density – this will help you to make sure that your most significant keywords are targetted efficiently in your web pages. It will also allow you to take a look at the keyword targeted by your competitors.

Good Keywords (Free)

It works similarly to Google Keyword tool, but has a crucial additional feature: the “site and popularity”function. This is a vital tool that will allow you to do a thorough competition analysis of your site as well of your competitors’.

Google Alerts (Free)

I personally love this service and use it all the time to generate new ideas for my articles. Basically after setting up an “alert” for a specific keyword or key phrase, the user will receive a constant supply of fresh material associated with that specific keyword or key phrase.

Google Suggestions (Free)

Google will make suggestions as you key in your keyword in its search bar and display the number of results. Although some of the results might look strange, the system is only reflecting what is published on the web and what people are searching for.

In order to make your own websites effectively, you will need to find out the queries most people are asking.

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