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Internet Search Marketing : Seo And Ppc

In the world of Internet Search Marketing, there are two 2 major methods of campaigning for your website. The pay-per-click search advertising or PPC and the organic search engine optimization.

Having merits over the other, SEO and PPC are actually best made use of in complement to each other when doing Internet Search Marketing. Pay-per-click search advertising campaign enables you to quickly get your site in top search engine placements through bidding over keywords related to your website that you would be targeting for. With “natural” SEO, you focus on making good content for your website and garner as many links as possible to point to your site. The links are considered as votes for your site by the search engines and the more links you have pointed to your site, the higher you will rank for your preferred keywords.

Below, I will present the advantages and disadvantages of each of these Internet Search Marketing campaign methods.

“Organic” Search Engine Optimization

1. Greatly more affordable than a PPC advertising campaign. The return of investment is much higher when compared to PPC.
2. As mentioned above, links have a great effect on boosting your rankings in search engine results pages. These will provide you with great visibility in the search engines and a steady flow of traffic for your target keywords. This will be a lasting thing and you could rely on this to serve your website well for a long time to come.
3. According to studies made, users of search engines are much more likely to click on organic search results than on the advertised sites.
4. It takes a lot of time to garner the links and optimize your pages in your website for your target search terms. It could take about 4 months just to start getting a feel for the results of your efforts in your SEO campaign. A greater investment in time.

Pay-per-click Advertising

1. The greatest benefit of a PPC campaign is that it gives you instant results. You will immediately have visitors to your site that are part of your target market which would mean better conversions and instant sales. By instant I mean results within just hours or days. Far shorter waiting than that of an SEO campaign which would take months before you start getting results for your work.
2. You are also able to easily track your conversion rates (may they be sales, subscriptions or leads) allowing you to make adjustments on your website and test different ways to make your site convert better. Also, you could just turn keywords for your site on and off.

You could rely on a PPC campaign to give you quick results which would be ideal if you are still working on your SEO campaign and still have not much progressed too far with it for you to have gained a decent amount of traffic that would bring in revenue. This is to make up for the time that your site is not earning through your SEO. In the long term, you will be depending on SEO for traffic. It is a mix of the short-term and long-term benefits of the PPC and SEO, respectively, that you would make the most out of for best results in your Internet Search Marketing efforts.

Martin Sejas is an Internet marketing consultant based in Sydney with expert knowledge on SEO, PPC and online traffic generation. Register for a free 20 minute consultation.
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