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Internet Marketing tutorial – Estimate your Traffic with Google

Analyzing correctly traffic estimates

One of the most important concepts relating to internet marketing is the understanding of traffic estimates.

In this article I will be exploring this in more details, and will also be looking at how web page ranking develops over time.

Every time you enter a search term into Google, the search engines take note of your keyword phrases. Over time Google develops estimates detailing the number of times people search for different keyword phrases on a daily basis.

This information is priceless. It will allow you to gain valuable estimates on the potential traffic that your website could receive when targeting particular keywords.

For any specific keyword phrase, you can setup 3 different types of traffic estimates in Google. Let’s take for example the topic: “fly fishing”.

Exact match traffic estimate

This pertains to the number of people who are typing the exact term “fly fishing” into Google.

Phrase match traffic estimate

This correlates with the number of searches containing the words “fly fishing” in this exact order. For example: “fly fishing tips”, “New Zealand fly fishing” or “rods for fly fishing”.

Broad match traffic estimate

This applies to the number of people who are looking for the word “fly” and “fishing” in any order. For example: “fishing the fly for beginners”, “the fly shop fishing equipment”, etc.

Why is it important to distinguish between these 3 terms?

To answer this question you need to understand how Google ranking develops over time.

When you first create a website, Google sends out a GoogleBot or spiders to examine it. It looks at the content of your page and the number and type of links that point to your site and rank your site for particular keyword phrases that it sees as relevant.

If you continuously add good quality content to your site and manage to obtain back links from good quality websites, at his next visit, the GoogleBot will give your site a new rank for particular keyword phrases. It is important to remember that as your site grows and develops more authority; it will consequently achieve higher rankings.

First your site will obtain “exact match ranking” – which corresponds to the short term traffic potential associated with the keywords; then as you add more content, “phrase match ranking” – this is the medium term potential, and finally “broad match ranking” which is the long term traffic potential of the keyword phrase that you are targeting.

By carefully choosing your keywords and analyzing their short, medium and long term potential, your website will be geared towards achieving top Google rankings.

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