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Internet Marketing strategies – Choosing A Good Niche And A Good Product

The biggest error that most newcomers to internet marketing make is to find their product first and then seek a market for it. They devote a lot of time looking for new undiscovered niches. This is actually the wrong way to go about it and unfortunately is a waste of both time and energy, particularly when you are just starting out. It should actually be the reverse.

The most effective method is to find first a market that you want to focus on and secondly find a product for this market.


It is a terminology frequently utilize by web marketers and it is defined as being a unique group of individuals who are searching the internet for an answer to a specific query or problem. Basically it is a particular section of a market.

Unfortunately beginners devote considerable time and effort trying to find brand new and undiscovered niches. There are even some online products promising to show you “how to find an untapped niche”. Please don’t even think about doing this! Only once you get more established and understand a lot more about internet marketing that you can then contemplate experimenting with more diverse niches but certainly not as a newbie.

When trying to find a niche, you can first determine an “overall market” and then extract a particular section of that market. You will then create a website around this specific segment of the market.

There are three major markets that are widely prominent and have a huge amount of individuals eager to purchase their products and services.

The truth is that you could spend your entire online career within these 3 markets and never have to worry about finding a small untapped niche. In essence it is the basic law of supply and demand. If you can find what people are searching for and you can then supply it you will be in business for ever. So why make it difficult on yourself?

The big 3 markets are:


Those huge markets have tons of niches and can be broken down further as follow

1) Health

Increase energy, Loose weight, Diet, healthy eating, skincare, medical procedures, quit smoking, headache relief, children’s health, hair loss…

2) Lifestyle

Mind body and spirit, dating, personal development, computer games, how to sell your house, online study courses, self improvement, pets, relationship advice, spirituality, pets, motivational, DIY, divorce, etc.

3) Wealth

Work from home, Internet Marketing, debt relief, government grants, online trading, credit card, start your own business, mortgages, business opportunities…

Now scrutinize closely the niches found in these 3 markets. Is there any subject that you are passionate about, excites you or that you are already family with? Choosing a subject that you like is extremely important as it will help to keep you motivated.

Once you have found your particular niche you can then build your website around it. Remember you only need to do well at one niche to have a successful online business.


The next step once you have selected your specialized niche market is to search for a product to market to it. There are thousand of online websites showcasing tons of products.

Among the most popular are: Commission junction, Sharesale, ClickBank (biggest place for digital product), Clixgalore, HD publishing, Market health.

Additionally, what I personally did when I wanted to make my own website was to do a through Google search on products in my particular area of interest in order to find out what products people were promoting.

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