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Internet Marketing strategies – 5 easy ways to drive Free traffic to your website

There is certainly a number of different ways to jumpstart traffic to your website, many of which are quite costly. Having said that, there are also totally free methods to generate traffic, which when done properly will produce fantastic results.

These free methods however will not instantaneously bring an avalanche of visitors to your website. You will need to be patient and work at them methodically and regularly.

In this article, I will highlight a couple of methods which are easy to implement.

Discussion Boards

Speak about your products or services on internet forums and discussion groups.

There, you can demonstrate your expertise on a specific niche and showcase your products. Start a thread related to your market and encourage discussions on your niche subject.

You need to build up relationship with the forum’s members and establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field. Your positive contribution to the forum will entice people to purchase your products.

Remember to include a link to your website in your signature file!

Create a Newsletter

You should also make full use of newsletters.

It is essential that you keep people regularly updated with information relating to your products or services. Initially send them a listing of your products and then regularly write an interesting review on a specific product.

As the number of people signing up for your newsletter grows, so will the number of visitors to your website.

Reciprocal Linking

This is commonly known as link exchange. Basically it means swapping links with similar internet sites to increase traffic.

To do this you will first need to reach an agreement with another website owner. Both sites will profit from the link exchange by redirecting traffic.

This is particularly effective when both sites are in precisely the same niche market.

Article Marketing

Consider creating articles which will offer suggestions, guidelines and tips to people that might be interested about in products or services.

To be really effective, your article should provide an answer to a query or offer a solution to a problem.

Nearly all the articles directories offer free posting. The most popular are EzineArticles,, and When you submit an article to these directories remember to insert a strong “call to action” in the resource box, together with a link to your website.

Make your website search engine friendly

Optimize your site for search engines by using relevant keywords or key phrases and regularly updating the content. This in turn will help you to get higher rankings.

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