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Internet Marketing Services Discloses Website Traffic Researched Results

Internet Marketing Services researches, evaluates and tests website traffic software, theories, techniques, both white hat and black hat and shares the various discoveries for Webmasters to use for their internet marketing services strategies.

Website traffic can be very confusing for most webmasters and with all the different types of ways to obtain website traffic when putting together their internet marketing services plans, it is both costly and can be devastating to both new and experienced webmasters.

So where do these people come from and how can you pluck your share of internet marketing services traffic easily as there is only so many hours in a day or there is only so much money in the budget to accomplish this.  Ideally, we would all wish we had deep pockets and for our  work and be able to use google adwords regularly.

Google adwords can work for a website if you have knowledge enough to gain enough sales to offset the costs as planning your internet marketing services.  Our experience with this, when testing the system, was that to be in a prominent position, it costs us an average of $100 a day  which is equivalent to approximately $3,000 a month BUT there is  no guarantee you will get sales or make money so is very risky for most webmasters.

Internet Marketing Services has also tested and used blogs and forums which give you one way back links.  These are free services and work well.  In planning your internet marketing services strategies, make sure you use your main keyword for your website and post to websites that are harmonious to your site in order for it to have a positive effect.  Time is money in business so you must be effective with your time.

Internet Marketing Services found that it was difficult to find good quality blogs and forums that are harmonious with your website.  There are many which do not have good google rankings and they can have a small impact but the biggest impact will be websites will a google ranking of 4/10 or more and also be using the same keyword as you.  Using software available on the internet can help with this process.  When doing your internet marketing services research to find websites, it is not a productive use of your time if you only find one once an hour or so.

Internet Marketing Services, like everyone else, has been observing the rash of video marketing being done now on the internet which also can give you one way back links..  Many of these allow for a posting of comments on them and there are various websites which host these within news, articles, etc.  Again, you need to target your  main keyword both the marketing video and your comment you place there.  Google has been giving a goodly amount of importance to these now as to the quality of back links pointing to your website.

A good strategy for your internet marketing services one way back links which bring traffic to your website is article marketing.  When you place an article on an article directory, it is not uncommon to have over 50 webmasters copy this article along with your links to your website and place on their websites.  While conducting your internet marketing services research for choosing article directories for your article, keep in mind that is very relevant as to the amount of website traffic that the chosen targeted directory receives as it shows how often visitors will see it.  Again, time is money

Internet Marketing Services has used many various software for this and have found that the best article directories should probably be listed by hand as each one has its own rules as to where your links can be placed, information you are allowed to place in the articles, etc.  Plan your internet marketing services work and you can be successful.  The only downfall with article directories that internet marketing services discovered is the length of time to receive an approval.  It can be as long as 3 months, 6 months, etc.

Internet Marketing Services discovered the fastest and can be the cheapest way to market a website if done properly is the use of press release submissions.  Using the new list on the internet consisting of over 400 websites and only the free ones researched by hand and each website viewed, can give you over 100 websites that will let you do this for free.  Using the basic principle again that is part of Internet Marketing Services business practices that time is money, concentrate exclusively for 3 or 4 days and list to as many possible.  Internet Marketing Services has experienced a doubling in Website Traffic quickly using this system. 

Other benefits to press releases suggested by Internet Marketing Services, is the fact, this also generates many long term back links to your website.  Since a good press release is not created to sell anything but basically news about the company, you are also increasing the credibility for the website which also makes google happy.

Internet Marketing Services has experienced that many webmasters understand that  being top on google search for their main keyword brings them mega traffic.  Since your keywords are like the basement or foundation to your home, it actually should be the first thing you generate and plan for your internet marketing services goals.  Reaching top on google though also consists of having MANY back links to your website so your traffic is growing regularly.  Back links pointing to your website bring you unique visitors as people will come to your website based on information they see posted about your website.

Internet Marketing Services also learned that having links pointing to your website from a website that ends in .edu or .org is looked on very favorably by Google and also they give your website credibility in their eyes.  There are ways to find websites where you can do this and if nothing else, you can even pay for such a link when you find one that will allow this.  These are hard to find even if you use a system.  They too, are one way back links pointing to your website.

Social bookmarking as discovered by Internet Marketing Services is also a good tool to use however, you must have new content to submit to them regularly because if you submit the same content over and over, you will be considered as spamming them.  The simplest and easiest bookmarking website internet marketing services has discovered is located at and best used with the firefox browser.  They have 33 websites within their system.  Once you have set up each of the social websites with accounts, this system is automated and fast.

Link Directories are not used as much lately, per the research by internet marketing services, due to the enormous amount of other types of internet marketing services systems available but they still have the credibility and they are long term back links with most of them offering one-way back links.  A few of them charge for their service which is a one time fee or require a link trade in exchange so they still can be free.

Internet Marketing Services offers one technique which used sparingly helps obtain a mega amount of unique visitors while waiting to reach top on google for your keyword.  Obtain at least one ad/banner on the front page of a google high ranking website promoting either your keyword or very harmonious with your content.  You can purchase this generally for about $50 up to $150 a month.  Check their traffic first before you decide to do this and make sure the website is not static, i.e.; not being worked versus a growing website.  This will help you.  $150 a month is much cheaper than $3,000 a month.   Use this sparingly as this system is somewhat frowned on by google.

Internet Marketing Services has also spent some time with the social websites and find that they are extremely time consuming but they can bring more visitors to your website if you have time left from all of your other work.  Twitter has become known for people following people so they can learn things or converse with people with like interests.  Most of your time for your internet marketing services goals should be spent on generating long term benefits so you do not have to begin each day all over again from the beginning.

Trading links with other websites is an area that Internet Marketing Services has discovered that people do less of simply because they do not understand it.  It can be a complex system if done exactly right and there is very little information on the internet teaching people all the aspects of it.  However, it is common knowledge that there are webmasters who have totally built and marketed their websites using this system successfully and best of all, it is free.

Internet Marketing Services has also tested out the traffic exchange systems offered by various websites.  An example of one of these is called  These bring you traffic to your website but we have found that a lot of it is generic in nature and not necessarily unique visitors wanting to see your exact content.  They click on your website so you will click on theirs.  Generic visitors as a rule are not interested in your content.

As part of your internet marketing services strategies, a couple of really good places to obtain a back link due to the high ranking and importance of the websites, is Yahoo answers and Wiki but read the rules and follow them as you will be banned if you do things wrong.  You can also find a related or same topic on Wikipedia and post a comment but make sure you follow their rules which are quite stringent due to the high quality demanded of Wikipedia for their content hence their respect of authority for topics on the internet.

A recent discovery made by internet marketing services is that there are now people complaining about using the system Web 2.0 simply because after all the massive internet marketing services work done, there is little traffic to the websites.  Our evaluation of this is that this may be due to the fact that people have to go through a few websites before they reach your website thereby losing a lot of visitors on the way. 

Internet Marketing Services discovered that using classified ads does little to obtain long term benefits due to the fact that your website URL is not allowed in the ad most of the time and you have to spend many hours finding just a few to use.  Again, Internet Marketing Services basic philosophy is that time is money.

Internet Marketing Services has not covered ALL systems available but tried to cover the most commonly used ones or ones maybe not known much about or even cannot be really described such as email marketing which can be good or bad depending on who you are marketing, content of email, etc.  This has to be evaluated when choosing your internet marketing services systems to implement for success.

 Various systems and softwares discovered on the internet involving Internet Marketing Services are offered for free to attempt to help webmasters save both time and money in their work and plans
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