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Internet Marketing Plr Articles – Should I Use PLR Articles?

Internet Marketing Plr Articles

Should you take the time to write your own articles or spend a few bucks and by some cheap PLR (Private Label Rights) articles? I have been in the Article Marketing business a relatively short time and that was a question I asked myself too. There are a few things that you need to think seriously about when deciding on the route you wish to take.

It is true that PLR articles can be purchased pretty cheap, and cut and past is easy too. However this is something that you should NEVER do. Never simply cut and paste a PLR article. First there may be hundreds of the exact same article floating around the internet which will lead to duplicate content. In a nut shell duplicate content will cost you search engine ranking. Since we all want to rank high on the various search engines duplicating content is a bad idea. Second, most of the article directories have rules that specifically prohibit this. If They want fresh new content as do any of the webmasters or publishers who may want to make use of your article. If you try this with the article directories they may go as far as banning you from using their site all together, and you most definitely do not want that to happen if you plan on making a living using article marketing. Internet Marketing Plr Articles

Sure you could buy a bunch of PLR articles and rewrite them. This causes yet another problem. If you take the time to rewrite a PLR article to the point that it can get past the filters that the major search engines make us of then you might as well take the time you spent and write something original. Writing original articles also lets you add your own “style” to it. What would happen if you gave 10 people a report to read and then ask them each to paraphrase what they have just read? You would get 10 reviews that say the same thing, but they all say it in a different way. Each person has their own writing style regardless of if they realize it or not.

The route you take to Article Marketing is your choice. PLR articles are a quick way to get articles out there. However you run the risk of creating duplicate content, wasting time, and not establishing your own style. Writing quality original articles may seem like it may take a bit longer but by taking the time to do it right you will fare much better in the long run. Readers will begin to recognize you by not only your name in the resource box but by the way your write your articles. Once it is known that you are one who writes high quality, original articles you will find that you are getting more readers who click through to your website. You will find that you are getting more subscribers to your list. In the long run you will find that you are making more sales as well. Internet Marketing Plr Articles

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