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Internet Marketing Opportunities For Australians

A really strange phenomenon is that some Australians are rapidly becoming the most successful online marketers in the world – and not just one or two of them – hundreds!

They are developing tools and strategies that become the cornerstone of the most profitable product launches – plus techniqus to provide us with what we need to successfully run a home business.

‘Working From Home’ Has Changed

The term ‘working from home’ has, in the past, had connotations of telemarketing, ironing, and cottage industries. The people who are working from home nowadays are :

– content writers,

– graphic designers,

– internet marketers,

– virtual assistants,

– affiliate marketing entrepreneurs (who sell other peoples stuff for between 10% and 90% commission)

– a growing number of people who are showing offline businesses, like newsagents, builders and dentists, how to grow their businesses by having an online presence.

These are all home-businesses that are in great demand, and the client base is not just your local area, it is “the world”.

Why Australians?

We all know that Australia is an isolated continent, so it is hard to grasp that some of the most groundbreaking developments in internet marketing emanate from here.

However, the internet now allows people to work from home from anywhere they can secure a good internet connection. And, at least in the populated coastal areas, Australia is well-served in this regard.

Many of the big name multinational players in this dynamic industry have outposts in Australia: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft being the most newsworthy. The developers of the yet-to-be released GoogleWave – which will revolutionize the way we communicate electronically – live in Australia.

The fact that Australians have always been early adopters of technology is what possibly sets us apart – our location has made it imperative for us to find ways of staying connected with the rest of the world.

Top Level Australian Coaches

But what Australians have, that other countries may not, is top level internet marketers who are keen to train others to do just what they do – no great sales hype, and really good, up-to-the-minute mentorship.

One of the most highly regarded internet marketers in the world today is based in Sydney, and is alone responsible for the coaching of over 500 Aussies and Kiwis (and more and more people from other countries too are now travelling to Sydney to learn at his workshops).

Finding Opportunities

The opportunities for Australian internet marketers are everywhere, from helping your local builder get online, to selling an ebook on a hobby you have mastered. Knowing how to leverage the opportunities is what holds us back.

The secret is to find a mentor, a trainer, or a coach, research them well and listen to what others are saying about them. Attend any event at which they speak, and if possible get some face to face training.

There are opportunities for you too with online business – by getting quality internet marketing training now

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