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Internet Marketing Learn How to Earn

 Getting website traffic may seem like an impossible task at first. If you want
to develop a busy and profitable website for your online business, there are a
lot of techniques for getting website traffic without it being expensive.

Article marketing is one of the most profitable an successful
ways of promoting your website and your company website or blog.
But there are so many people telling you you need to submit multiple
articles, articles to get attention.

So here’s my thoughts.

As an article marketer I truly believe that writing one good content rich article
with the right keywords will get just as much attention if not more than submitting
 multiple articles and then submitting to one are two good site will do as much for
you as throwing a lot of junk out and hopping some will stick.

Now like most Internet marketers i have my favorite tools the i feel get me the
best results,as an example of this and because I love doing research on topics I
know nothing about are very little.
So I went to my favorite research tool Micro Nich Finder to see what was popular and what people were looking for.

 Well I found that a lot of people were interested in Tiger Woods,well the truth be known i know nothing about him are golf.
So I did a little bit of research and found out what his favorite golf clubs were and who he got them from.

After I finished my research I put together an article and submitted it to my favorite
article authority site with the following results on Google in less than 24 hours
What Golf Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use Results 1 – 10 of about 666,000,000
That’s right NO# 1 one on the page. Now will that ever put any money in my pocket I
really don’t have a clue. I set up a Website for Amazon adervertizing golf clubs
and only time will tell.

What’s the point well writing  fresh content.. researching my key words and
then sit back and see if I get any back links.

Now to be honest there are a lot better ways of doing this with better results.
not just rolling the dice and see what happens.

Now let it be know I’m not a guru I don’t out source my work and I don’t
have a bunch of people doing the work for me. But what I do is look for the tools
that will give me best chance of success.

About the Author:
The moral to this it get the tools that will help you. Click this link for one of the best I’ve found and look at the free videos.I may not help you but If you really want to make it as an Internet Marketer I’m  sure it won’t hurt!
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