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Internet Marketing – Is a Human Activity Aimed at Meeting the Needs and Wants Through Exchange

It is known that marketing – is a human activity aimed at meeting the needs and wants through exchange.Components of marketing are: product, price, marketing, advertising.

Marketing can not be equated with marketing or sales promotion.Marketing can be viewed as a mechanism for adjusting the production of goods or services to market needs.

One of the leading theorists on management, Peter Drukker, spoke about the purpose of marketing this way: “The goal of marketing – to make efforts in marketing unnecessary. His goal – so good to know and understand the customer that the product or service will be exactly the approach of the last, and sell themselves”.

Infrastructure development of the global Internet and commercial Internet have led to changes of ways of doing business and the emergence market.Internet was used as an interactive channel companies interact with business partners and customers, ensuring maintenance of interactive marketing (Internet marketing) and implementation of direct online sales.Traditional business processes (sales, marketing, logistics, etc.) in the networked economy taking new forms.

Thus, the rapid growth of e-business and e-commerce became the basis for the emergence of Internet Marketing (online marketing).Internet marketing tools are significantly different from the traditional marketing tools.

The main advantages of online marketing, compared with off-line marketing tools include:

wide coverage of the target audience (the globalization of the market);

Personalization, interaction with customers;

reducing transaction costs.


Internet Marketing – a complex of measures for the promotion and sale of marketable goods and services through networking online.To promote the products and services on the Internet must have its own Web-site which should be submitted to various information about products or services and the means by which consumers can place and pay for your order.


Currently, Internet marketing – is an independent activity that relates to e-business.In the Internet there are many sites that provide marketing services (services to promote the site in search engines).

The main functions of marketing: market research, pricing, advertising, sales promotion, marketing, assortment planning, etc.The main focus of Internet marketing is the promotion of the site in search engines.

That site promotion in search engines is a prerequisite for achieving effective interaction with the target audience or customers as well as search engines and subject directories are the main channels through which target visitors come to the site.

Website promotion in search engines – a set of all marketing activities for the promotion of a site on the Internet to life came to be known target audience, and was visiting the clients:
1) promotion of a site (building a reference base);
2) optimizing website for search engines;
3) advertising on the Internet;
4) surveys, support for communication with the client (the organization of effective customer feedback, online learning to their needs);
5) continued support site, search engine optimization and monitoring of the effectiveness of its operation;
6) change in marketing plans in line with the changing situation.
Site Promotion
Web site promotion – is: check-in site in search engines and specialized directories, link exchange, placing paid links on the popular Web-servers in order to strengthen the credibility of the resource, an indication of email and Web-site address in all advertisements.
Site optimization
Optimizing your website for search engines – is: optimization of site structure, keyword selection, entering keywords in the text and title of the site.
Internet advertising
Necessary to distinguish between advertising their own Web-site and advertising on the Internet as a kind of business.Advertising as a kind of business based on providing space in the pages of your site for placement of paid links to Web-site customer.

Internet advertising site – it is a range of services aimed at both the active involvement of the audience to the site, and in shaping a positive image of the company.

Go to online advertising are:

banner ads (the target and image);

contextual advertising (eg ads from Google, advertising Begun, Yandex);


In addition to Internet marketing are: Direct marketing or direct marketing, Network marketing or network marketing.

Direct marketing

To promote the products on the Internet using Direct marketing.Direct Marketing (Direct Marketing) provides maximum efficiency and selectivity of effect.Direct marketing involves creating a client database and organization of this database to personalize the interaction with customers (direct mail, personalized personal selling, and so on).

Network marketing

To promote their products on the Internet using MLM or Network marketing – a form of nonstore retailers.The essence of MLM or network marketing comes down to the fact that by promoting goods or services, sales representatives the company is also offering customers become sales representatives of this company.

MLM also known as Network Marketing or Network Marketing as well as distributors form a network or a hierarchical organization for the promotion of goods from buyers who are also distributors.MLM – is one way to retailers through a network in which each of the distributor does business. Fined more info here: 
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