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Internet Marketing Help – Get The Basics To Easily Create Your Own Web Page

To get started on the internet there are a couple of ingredients that you need to understand.

Although at first, it might take a bit of time to really “get the hang” of basic internet marketing rules, rest assured that your time and effort won’t be invested in vain. On the contrary, over time you will gradually reap the rewards.

In this article I will show you the two basic steps that you need to get right:

The very first step is to build your own website.

Here, I strongly call attention to the word “own”. Whilst I can understand that many people are on tight budget and are aiming to “shell out” as little as possible, if you want to be taken seriously on the internet you should own your website and not go for a free website hosting site.

“Trust is paramount on the internet”

A web address that looks like “www. doggrooming” does not look trustworthy and consequently your website won’t appear legitimate to site visitors.

Additionally, these types of websites are poorly ranked by search engines. Consequently, this will have an adverse effect on your traffic generation potential.


The biggest issue is that your website could be “pulled down” from the internet at anytime. The vast majority of free web hosting companies DO NOT offer guarantees.

Make use of Free internet tools

There are plenty of free resources available online. One of the most widely used platforms to create your website is WordPress.

“Content is always king”

Make sure that you provide high quality and informative content to your site visitors.

The second step is to generate traffic to your site

There are countless methods to generate traffic to your site:

Article marketing
List building
Blog commenting
Forum marketing
Social networking
Social media…

The key is to select a method that you like (there is no point working on a method that you loathe as you will soon grow tired of it) and to keep practising until you fully master it.

Don’t attempt to try multiple techniques at once, because this can become very confusing. The best approach is to start off with one method and to use it until it generates traffic. Only when it becomes effective, can you then bring in another method. Eventually, you will reach the point where you can master 5 to 6 techniques together.

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