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Internet Marketing-Discover Tips to Generating Back-Links Through Directory Submissions

Back links play an important role in generating traffic to your website to maximize exposure and build brand awareness of the products and services you provide. Directory submissions are a popular method of generating back-links in a relatively short time.

An important consideration in using directories to create back-links is that search engines should see a natural gradual pattern of increased back-links to your website. You should avoid a sudden flood of irrelevant links to your website. In addition to a gradual increase, it is important to list your website in relevant categories, employing targeted keywords in you title and your description.

Focus on one-way back-links for your directory submissions. Internal links should exceed external links. In other words, there should be a greater number of links coming into your site than going out.Your post should be related to the thread to which you are responding to reduce instances where the blog owner might remove the blog, believing it is a spam.

When you submit your website to online directories select a category or subcategory that is closest to the main directory. Submitting to hundreds of directories in short time may raise red flags from major search engines. It is preferable to submit to a more limited 75-100 directories. Relevant descriptions should accompany each submission. This includes primary keywords of your target market.

Posting your website to directories can be tedious and take much time. If submitted manually, you can refer to to speed up the process. More automated approaches are available from such places as

Generally, automated approaches will not automate everything but help reduce time to create each submission. Whatever software program you might employ, you should ensure that the mass of submissions is not excessive to the point of flagging your website by the search engine. You should have control of the number of directories and the way the information is submitted for optimal results. Directory submissions will then optimize back-links to your website and resultant traffic to your website for access to your products and services.

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