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Internet Marketing Course – Effective Actions Create Effective Projects!

Many people starting an Internet Marketing Course bounce from one project to another, in an unstructured manner, and get nowhere fast. It can be confusing. You are putting the hours in and working extremely hard, yet this effort produces little in the way of results, or more importantly, hard cash. This is the very first hurdle – and where most newbies give up in frustration.

Taking action is good. Unfortunately, taking the wrong actions, that do not move you forward towards your goals, is not. So you need to be organised.

An organised workspace helps you get things done. A cluttered office, or desk, just slows you down. So spend some time and sort out your home working environment, as this will save you more time than you can imagine in the long run.

When taking an Internet Marketing Course, you will be spending a lot of time sitting at your desk. So if your chair is not comfortable, think about investing in a decent adjustable office chair. Sit back in your chair and look around you. Are all the things you need at hand easily and readily available without you getting up? Pens, paper, printer, files, post-it notes – everything should be there for you whenever you need them. If not, rearrange immediately. And look at your desk – is it clear? If not, remove all the debris.

Having your family around you is, of course, great – but can be a major distraction if you are trying to work. From the outset, you must consider your Internet Marketing activities as work – NOT A HOBBY. Make your family aware that when you are in your workspace – you are AT WORK and not to be disturbed. Even put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign, if this helps.

Once a week (I find Sunday evening works for me) you should note down all the things you want to achieve over the coming week. Start by looking at your overall goals to remind you where you are going. Then, in no particular order, write down all the things you should be doing over the next seven days that will positively impact on your reaching the goal. These do not need to be massive leaps – but small steps in the right direction. Bit by bit you will get where you are going – if you keep taking the correct actions each time.

As you identify the actions, estimate how long each of these will take and note this down. If an action needs to be be broken down to smaller steps, note these and the time required. Only you know how much time you can dedicate to your Internet Marketing Course. Note down how many hours you plan to spend on Internet Marketing this week.

Once you have all the actions identified, put these into a sensible and logical order. Work out what you can realistically expect to achieve within your weekly allotted time. Whilst your targets may be stretching, make sure you allow time for letting your hair down, or at least a decent break now and then. Common sense prevails here – you will find that you can achieve more in two separate three hour sessions than in one six hour, or even one seven hour, session.

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