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Internet Marketing Course – Search Engine Marketing Domination

In the real world, companies pay huge amount of advertising dollar to get their products onto billboards along busy motorways. The reason is simple, the more traffic you get, the higher is your income potential. The same holds true in Internet Marketing. Hence, Search Engine Marketing Domination is crucial to getting massive traffic online.

To begin, you need to have a traffic generation plan. Personally, I would like to have my products appear at least twice on the first page of the search engine results. How do you do that?

First, conduct your keywords research

Using the external keyword tool, for instance, target longtail keywords that are very specific and targeted towards your niche. An example would be “Fencing Lessons for Kids in Long Island”. If possible, go for longtail keywords with less than ten thousand search results.

Free traffic generation means

Paid traffic is great, but they can be very costly. Following are proven means on Search Engine Marketing domination:

– Article Marketing

– Social Media sites like Digg

– Squidoo and Hubpages

– Video sites like YouTube and Google video

Imagine creating a webpage on each of the above sites with content of your own product review. When someone performed a search, your reviews turned up in at least 2 of the above traffic generation tools, wouldn’t that be cool? This is certainly possible if you know how to use the same longtail keyword phrase in every one of the above Search Engine Marketing sites.

Tips in creating your pages right

In order for your webpages on the above sites to be effectively crawled and credited by the search engines, make sure that your keyword target phrase appears in every title, but vary the arrangement of the words tactfully.

Also, change the content and make sure it is unique for every separate page. This means that your marketing page on Digg should not be identical to the page in Squidoo. Search Engines Marketing filters are smarter than you think.

Next, repeat the target phrase in your webpage content and bold it if you can. However, avoid keyword spanning by not having the target keyword phrase in every single paragraph.

Maintaining Your Domination

It is one thing to get to the top, another to stay at the top. Do not slack after your promotion pages appear on the first page of the search engine results. Constantly watch and maintain your ranking with regular promotion using the methods mentioned above or any other forms of paid traffic if you wish.

Get Educated. Market Smart!

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