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Internet Marketing Changes So Quickly

No industry changes as quickly as internet marketing. New techniques and resources seem to pop up overnight. As search engines change their strategies , internet marketers race to survive and thrive in the changed climate. However, since the beginning of internet marketing a mainstay has been a critical component to everyone’s success. That component is article marketing. Writing articles and submitting them to your website, and also to other directories on the internet.

Search Engines love seeing unique content. Unique content shows that your website has something of value to offer their searchers and that will get you to the top of the search engines. Many companies have sprang up over the years offering to write articles for you, offering to submit them to “hundreds of directories”, however most companies won’t show you the published article links. They do it to protect themselves, but in reality you can never be sure that they have confirmed article links. It seems kind of strange doesn’t it? You can pay them money but they won’t show you the work. They claim to be “guaranteed article links”, but a savvy internet marketer needs to be able to see what’s converting and what is not.

It’s imperative when you select a company that you make sure they show you the published article links. Otherwise the company isn’t accountable and may just outsource the project to some random person.

Article Marketing consists of a few key components. Writing content that keeps readers attention, and then sending them on to your website. Your “conversion rate” is how many people click from the article to the link you want them to click on.

Their are many article directories that you can submit articles too. It may seem overwhelming at first, to have to decide which to submit them too. Once you are established, it’s a great idea to outsource that to another company who can mass-submit the articles for you. That saves you work. And more importantly it saves you time. Just make sure they use confirmed article links. You want to make sure that you are getting credit for your articles.

No technique in Internet Marketing has stayed around as long as article marketing. It’s every marketers ace in the whole. Kind of like the main thing they do, and then they expand around it in different ways. In summary, submitting articles is a great way to get the word out about your website. Once you feel ready to mass submit your articles, make sure you use a company that is willing to use guaranteed article links. That way you’ll feel secure and you’ll have more information about what you need to do.

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