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Internet Marketing Business Tips – Re-Focusing Is The Answer To Online Based Marketing Business Success

After been in internet marketing for many years, I have come up with about ten billion reasons why internet marketers tend NOT to make money from their online based marketing business. I have had one-on-one clients who slapped down 10k+ with me and all the while, I was searching for WHY these individuals fail to do anything worthwhile.

Traffic, conversions, right mindset, self sabotage, fear of success, fear of ridicule, self confidence, skills, focus, sticking long enough to one thing and whatever…

I have come up with a new slogan and it’s coming up time and time again as one of the number one reasons people fail in internet marketing business and just getting them to do this one thing is adding a huge difference to their online based marketing business.


You need to focus more on your focus.

There are different levels of focus for internet marketers. Moonlight focus is like dim focus of light. This is a situation where you are softly focused on anything, broad strokes sort of just witnessing things and taking no action. This kind of person is more of an observer as well as a lurker of a marketer.

Sun light focus spread out across half across the globe but more focused than moonlight. Sort of brighter now and starting to understand some stuff about marketing, can talk a good game as if they are a hot shot making a lot of cash but aren’t. Sort of spread out over too many internet business ideas and distractions, but still not taking strong focused action towards one specific way of making money as well as promoting their internet marketing business.

Magnified glass focus can capture information on fire because it’s more concentrated focused light. Now we are taking a look at internet marketers who actually complete things and earn money. They focused on one thing long enough until it start yielding fruit. If you hold a magnified glass long enough, the heat of the sun will make a leaf catch fire. Lastly is the “Laser Beam 3000” focus.

Can cut steel because the light is so focused.

This is a situation where you are so focused and determine to take action without any fears of the things mentioned above. Nothing can stand in your way. You have such intense focus that the world gives way for you!

You are bolder, more aggressive, and hardworking.

Truth is most people running an online based marketing business never reach my coined “Laser Beam 3000” level. I guess most people never focus on anything like that. Just a bunch of lazy people coasting through life and taking what life has to offer. Therefore you need to refocus on your focus in order to get more result from your internet marketing business.

Best Wishes,

John Benjamin

About the Author:
John Benjamin is the owner of Internet Business Ideas. Are you ready to start exploring a new way to make money online? Go to Online Money Making Opportunities and check out my special offer.
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