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Internet Marketing Articles – 5 Great Tips For Success

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I started writing articles about Internet Marketing before I knew anything about it.

This admission isn’t intended to be a pulp confessional. Instead, I am going to tell you what I learned about article marketing that made it start working for me.

First thing…writing an article is real work so the emphasis I like to put into the work centers around making certain that I give the reader some information they can use for themselves and I stress the axiom “keep it simple.”

Since it is real work to write an article I feel I have to make it good for the reader and good for me. too!

I already told you what I like to provide in an article for the reader but let me make it clear to you that I do it for my benefit. I’m pretty sure everyone else does too! Well, almost everyone.

Here are the benefits I want from my articles.

The two most important benefits from articles are…Traffic to my site and increased ranking for my keywords, which often results in even more traffic.

It’s all about traffic. Let me explain.

Traffic is a pretty obvious reason, or benefit, for going through the work of writing an article. I don’t know how many of the authors that submit articles to, say Ezine Articles, are engaged in the fine art of marketing, but I’d say it’s a high percentage.

One thing, one sure thing that will kill a marketer and cover their site with cobwebs, is a lack of traffic.

And, sure enough, there is more than one kind of traffic. There’s the kind of traffic that buys and the kind of traffic that doesn’t buy and either type can be had.

Article marketing gives you the opportunity to “sort” your traffic by their interests.

If you write an article about “traffic generation” people who typed in “traffic generation” will be transported to whatever page you linked to in the resource box!

I didn’t know that at first. For that matter I didn’t know what a keyword was. More on that later.

The second HUGE benefit you MUST derive from your article marketing efforts is the real increase in rankings for your keywords which results in the actual movement of your website forward toward Page One at Google. I capitalize page one because of it’s importance.

The amount of traffic that can be generated by being at or near the top of Page One Google (my phrase) is incalculable. Valuable is the word.

To secure this blessing for yourself all you have to do is put your keyword in context in your resource box and create a link out of it to your site. Bingo! Your rankings increase. And, double bingo, when they click on your keyword, they are transported to your site, or wherever you want them.

These are called one way backlinks or maybe just backlinks but they can result, eventually, and sometimes much sooner, in a page one position.

So my five tips for success at article marketing are…

1. Give information that people can use to make things better.

2. Use your resource box to move your site forward in the rankings for your keyword.

3. Put your keyword in your title – I prefer to have it first in the title.

4. Put your keyword in your article at about the 1% range. That’s one of your keywords for every 100 other words.

5. This is just me. But, this is my article so here we go. Don’t misspell words! Use your spell checker and dictionary. If you can do it arrange to email your article to someone who will proofread it right away. They are likely to find something that should be fixed.

For many people, spotting a misspelled word in an article, is an indication that the article’s credibility may be suspect.

And, along the same vein, don’t use improper grammar. There are all kinds of guides to correct usage of the language and they are easy reading. Just another good reason to enlist a proofreader.

No one gets a second chance at a first impression, so make your first impression good, while getting improved rankings and traffic!

That’s article marketing 101.

Most successful marketers use article marketing for traffic and SEO purposes! So how about you? Still, you don’t have struggle through the hard way, like I did. You can start right now and send a steady stream of traffic to your webpages. For great information on this very popular method of targeted traffic generation go to Riley West’s famous blog – Making An Internet Marketer.

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